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Julia's Hall Trees

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Compact and featuring everything you need to get up and go, or return home, in one convenient place. Our premium wood grade combines durability and stability with beauty and elegance.


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Price from: $940.00

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Review by entillfitrumn

Dear Mr. Garcia,
My hall tree arrived (on a singularly warm day in Montreal—an extra gift from California!). Not only was it easy to put together (Ikea could certainly learn from you) but it looks just beautiful. And it organizes what has been until now a very messy space. It gives me great pleasure every time I see it.
So, thank you very much.

Review by Kate

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Compact and featuring everything you need to get up and go, or return home, in one convenient place. Our premium wood grade combines durability and stability with beauty and elegance.

  • Featuring coat hooks, a bench and shoe storage in one compact unit, Julia's Hall Tree is both beautiful and functional and the perfect way to welcome family and guests to your home.
  • Measures 36"W x 15"D x 72"H. Bench is 20"H. Individual storage areas below bench are 9.25"L x 5"H. Customize to your taste with the stain and wood choice you desire.
  • Expertly crafted for durability, stability and beauty that will sustain years of use.
  • Easy Assembly - ships in less than 10 parts.

As with all our products, Forever Redwood will use sales proceeds for our work to grow and protect our Redwood Forests.

  • The secret to outdoor longevity begins and ends with the wood.  We use generous amounts of the most decay resistant wood available. We encourage our customers to compare photos of our items side by side with any competing product. Thickness counts. Furniture that is thin and light simply won't last in the year round weather.
  • To keep your furniture beautiful, we use only stainless steel hardware and the highest quality stains and sealants. We use only the Sikkens brand of sealants.  
  • Our primary customer has always been the homeowner that appreciates spending a bit more for quality that will last decades.
  • Our products are installed with organizations that appreciate longevity like the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. military installations, State and City parks, golf clubs and hotels. 
  • We are favored by many landscape architects and contractors because they can count on exceptional quality and quick personal service to complete projects.  
  • We build each item by hand. This insures your set is finely finished and carefully inspected. Old-fashioned hand building also allows us to adjust the size or design of any item to fit your needs.
  • Because we are a forestry company, we can offer 5 exceptional wood grades to choose from our carefully managed forests with warranties of up to 30 years against decay in any weather. Click for more about our 5 wood grades 

Wood decay is warrantied up to 30 years depending on the wood grade.  No other outdoor furniture manufacturer has warranties like this.  The key is the excellent quality of our wood and the extra-thick timber designs of all our pieces. 

Wood Grades and Decay Warranty:

  • Douglas-fir: 10 years
  • Mosaic Eco-Wood: 10 years
  • Redwood: 15 years
  • Mature Redwood:  20 years
  • Old-Growth Redwood: 30 years

Forever Redwood stands behind its products. We are committed to quickly resolving any issues that might occur.  For more information please see our Warranty page.

We offer 4 Shipping Options in the U.S.:

Priority Shipping (ships in 2 to 3 weeks)

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Wait & Save Shipping (ships in 12 to 14 weeks) - Free Shipping plus save 10% on your order.

Yes, you can have free shipping plus save 10% off your order! We carefully hand build each Forever Redwood item. When you choose a longer shipout date, you give us more time to build. This lowers our cost and we pass the savings to you. If you choose the Wait & Save Shipping option and prefer we ship out a specific date (up to 6 months in advance), just enter the date in the Comment Box at Checkout. If no note is included, we'll ship in 3 months.

Orders ship from San Diego, CA. Add 3 to 6 business days transit time (depending on location).

We ship to any country. Canada orders ship in 6 weeks. To see Canadian shipping costs, just add item to cart.

For orders outside the U.S. or Canada, just enter your country in the shipping information section at checkout or in the shopping cart to see your freight cost. We ship outside the U.S. or Canada in 6 weeks. For all international shipments, the shipping companies handle any customs paperwork and then contact you to arrange delivery.

Assembly Service Available in California: Just add a note in the comment box at checkout that you'd like "Hand-Delivery & Assembly". We'll email a quote. Minimum $95 assembly charge. 

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