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Kid's Rectangular Picnic Tables

Kid's Rectangular Picnic Table (Options: Toddler's Size, Redwood, No Umbrella Hole, Standard Tabletop, Transparent Premium Sealant). Kids tables come standard with attached benches and rounded corners.

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Price from: $660.00 to $1,550.00
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Bring the thrill of picnics to your own back yard. Built tough for playtime or mealtime in sturdy weather resistant Redwood with a durable fine finish.

  • Comfortably seats 6 children. Toddler Table is for ages up to 4 years; Big Kids Table for ages 4-12 years old.
  • Standard tables come in weather resistant Redwood that is finely finished to avoid splinters and with rounded corners for safety unless otherwise specified in More Options.
  • More Options lets you tailor your table to your tastes - tabletop style, corner style, umbrella hole, stains/sealants, etc.
  • Materials to last a lifetime - extra thick premium Redwood that outlasts cedar/teak, stainless hardware and the best weather resistant sealants.
  • Simple assembly

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Specifications has the following sections, any of which you may go to directly by clicking on it:









Toodler's Picnic Table (for children 2 to 6 years old)

Kid's Picnic Table (for children 4 to 12 years old)


Kid's Rectangular Picnic Table
48"L x 46"W including the benches. Tabletop is 23 ¾"W x 27"H. Benches are 13 7/8"H. Approx. Weight: 110 lbs.

Toodler Rectangular Picnic Table
36"L x 36"W including the benches. Tabletop is 20"W x 20 7/8"H. Benches are 10"H. Approx. Weight: 80 lbs.

Advanced Options


For all with table sets with chairs, in Advanced Options you'll be able to choose between three different chair styles: Luna, Ruth or Massive and whether you want them with or without arms. The photo below shows L-R: Luna Armchair (Old-Growth Redwood), Ruth Armchair (Redwood), and Massive Armchair (Redwood). Our default chair style is the Ruth chair for our Rectangular tables.

Ruth, Luna, and Massive Chairs and Armchairs

Massive, Luna and Ruth Chairs (L-R)

Luna most popular for Round Tables (shown above left in Old Growth Redwood with Coffee Stain)

Ruth most popular for Rectangular and Square Tables (shown above centered in Mature Redwood with Transparent Premium Sealant)

Massive chairs (shown above right in Redwood with Transparent Premium Sealant)


2.5-Foot Picnic Bench Traditional Picnic Bench
Forever Style Picnic Bench
(Flaring Legs)
(Most popular)
Traditional Picnic Bench
(Criss-Cross Legs)


If you'd like a cushion for your chairs, please indicate this in the Advanced Options section. Standard cushions come in forest green however you also have the option to visit Sunbrella Central to choose from the hundreds of outdoor fabrics they have for your cushion.

5446 Canvas Forest Green 5446-0000 5-Foot Massive Garden Bench with Custom Cushion - Redwood Ruth Armchairs with Custom Cushions - Mature Redwood and Surf Side Table
Forest Green Cushion Color Massive Garden Bench with Cushion Ruth Armchairs with Cushions

If you want a cushion in a color other than forest green, just select Custom color cushion in Advanced Options and note the Sunbrella fabric's name and number you'd like in the comments box. Most Sunbrella fabrics are under $20/yard and are included in the cushion price. If you prefer a premium fabric over $20/yard, just write the name in the comments box. The cost over $20/yard will be manually added to your order total.

Sunbrella fabric is made to sit out in the sun and not fade. It's machine washable. Each cushion has a zipper so you can remove the foam and wash the fabric.


For our tables over 5ft., we offer the option of two half-length benches/side or one full length bench for additional seating flexibility. So our 6 ft table would be offered in two 6ft side benches or four 3ft side benches.


Standard or Seamless Tabletop

Standard Tabletop (Outdoors)

Seamless Tabletop (Indoors)

Standard Tabletop - Recommended for tables to be left out in the weather. Outdoor tabletop boards need "breathing" room to expand and contract to the constant changes in moisture and temperature. The standard tabletop boards are separated by 1/16-inch to allow for this movement.

Seamless Tabletop - Ideal for use in a covered patio or indoors. It can be taken outdoors for a meal or party but isn't designed for outdoor living. The seamless construction creates a beautiful unbroken tabletop surface.

Parquet Tabletop

Old Country Tabletop

Parquet Tabletop (seamless) -You can order any table with a Parquet Tabletop. If you select the Parquet design, benches will have parquet bench tops. If you prefer bench tops in a different design, just let us know. The parquet pieces will be naturally varied in color as shown above. The Parquet Tabletop is ideal for indoors or covered Patios. It is a seamless tabletop and is not intended to be out in the weather for extended periods.

Old Country Tabletop (available for outdoor or indoor uses) - The Old Country is a centuries old European design that can be used inside or outside. The Old Country has a perimeter frame with a dividing board across the center of the top widthwise. For indoors, please choose the Old Country Seamless Tabletop option (with no spacing between the boards). For year round outdoor applications, please choose the Old Country Standard Tabletop design (1/16" spacing between the boards) to let the boards move with changing temperatures and moisture.


The corners of the tables and benches can be made in 3 ways (Squared, Slightly Rounded or Rounded). The look is quite different and it takes only a few seconds to see what will work best for you (see drawings):

Squared: Leave the corners of your table and/or bench tops squared for a more modern look (technically, 3/16" radius, for structural soundness), or....

Slightly Rounded: The 1/2" radius rounding creates a softer look and it is the most popular otion), or...

Fully Rounded: was initially created for kid safety. It is a favorite for heavy use public places (1" radius).

Some rounding is a good idea for safety reasons (kids, elderly). The 1/2" radius rounding is a popular compromise between the two (see drawing). Just choose which option you would like during checkout.


Standard Leg Flair – the leg flair for the Rectangular Picnic Tables is 47" at the ground. This is the traditional way picnic tables are built to give them supreme stability in any terrain. It is the most popular option by far. For example, if your tabletop is 36" wide, the standard leg flair will have the legs going out beyond the edge of the tabletop on both sides by 5 1/2".

However, some customers prefer to make this leg flair less wide, in order to accommodate unattached benches or chairs. If you prefer this option, just choose the Adjusted Leg Flair and we will reduce the leg flair width to the same as the width of the table.

Adjusted Leg Flair – in some rare cases it works better to have the leg flair less wide to avoid possibly bumping into the legs or if you are in a limited space. If you prefer this option, just choose Adjusted Leg Flair and we'll reduce the leg flair to match the width of the table.



Redwood Plug in Umbrella HoleRedwood Plug for Umbrella HoleRedwood Plug for Umbrella Hole

Want to enjoy an umbrella with your table? We do not sell umbrellas, but we can drill a two-inch umbrella hole for you at no charge. A plug is included with the umbrella hole option see images at right.


Redwood Plug in Umbrella HoleRedwood Plug for Umbrella HoleRedwood Plug for Umbrella Hole

Want to enjoy an umbrella with your table? We do not sell umbrellas, but we can drill a two-inch umbrella hole for you at no charge. Simply select this option at check-out. A plug is included with the umbrella hole option see images at right.


All our furniture ships finely sanded to 220 grit for a smooth to the touch finish.

The most popular finish is our Transparent Premium Sealant. This sealant leaves your furniture looking natural and helps keep the beautiful wood surface colors from fading for several years. We use Sikkens brand finishes because they are the best finishes on the market.

Transparent Premium Sealant - Recommended for Outdoors:

Below are the 5 grades of wood we offer with the Transparent Premium Sealant applied. The color tones shown are close representations of the color your furniture will look like. There is no extra charge for the Transparent Premium Sealant:

(15 yr Warranty)

(20 yr Warranty)

Old Growth
(30 yr Warranty)

Mosaic Eco-
(10 yr Warranty)

Douglas Fir
(10 yr Warranty)

We also offer the Transparent Premium Sealant with the following stains added. There is a small charge for adding these stains:

Stains with Premium Sealant (Cedar, Teak, Coffee and Cherry):





If you are applying your own stain or want the surface color to fade to a "weathered look" in a few months.

Off-White Oil-Based Primer:
If you are painting a light color. We apply two coats so that it is ready for one final coat.

Gray Oil-Based Primer:
If you are painting a darker color. We apply two coats so that it is ready for the final coat.

Wax Finish - Recommended for Indoors:
If your furniture is for indoors, we recommend the Wax finish. Your furniture will ship with 2 coats of Howard's Feed 'N Wax. Without maintenance the finish becomes a beautiful patina. With minimal care, the finish gets richer and more beautiful year after year.

Custom Stain:
If you need a specific stain
, let us know.

Ratings & Review

Assembly Instructions for: Kid's Rectangular Picnic Tables


All you need is a ratchet wrench and a hammer.

Our furniture is preassembled in our wood working shop to ensure reassembly is a snap. The Kid's Rectangular Picnic Tables require only a ratchet wrench and a small hammer to tap in the bolts. They ship in less than 10 parts and take less than 45 minutes to re-assemble and begin enjoying them. All parts are clearly labeled and detailed step by step instructions are included. They can easily be re-assembled by one person. To download assembly instructions for any of our items, please go to: Assembly

Care: Your Forever Redwood Furniture will last for decades in year-round weather without maintenance.

Depending on the wood grade you choose, even with harsh year-round outdoor conditions, you can expect your furniture to last from ten to forty years without maintenance of any kind.

Being outside year round is rough on any woods finish. The surface absorbs UV rays, pollution, constant variations in moisture and temperature and it also oxidizes. This is why most wood just doesnt hold up and the surface color slowly changes towards a silver patina over the years. But, with Forever Redwood, you dont have to worry. The silver patina is surface deep only (less than 1/64") and is not indicative of decay. Your set will last decades and is not compromised in any way by the surface color change. For example, we keep our display items as is without refinishing to show off this natural aging (we like the patina!).

Although Forever Redwood is maintenance-free, we recommended you take a few minutes as needed to clean by either hosing down and/or brushing/dusting away accumulated debris (no soap or chemicals needed). If youd like to keep your set looking its best for decades, please go to: Care and Finish

The secret to outdoor longevity begins and ends with the wood.  We use generous amounts of the most decay resistant wood available. We encourage our customers to compare photos of our items side by side with any competing product. Thickness counts. Furniture that is thin and light simply won't last in the year round weather.

To keep your furniture beautiful, we use only stainless steel hardware and the highest quality stains and sealants. We use only the Sikkens brand of sealants.  

Our primary customer has always been the homeowner that appreciates spending a bit more for quality that will last decades.

Our products are installed with organizations that appreciate longevity like the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. military installations, State and City parks, golf clubs and hotels

We are favored by many landscape architects and contractors because they can count on exceptional quality and quick personal service to complete projects.  

We build each item by hand. This insures your set is finely finished and carefully inspected. Old-fashioned hand building also allows us to adjust the size or design of any item to fit your needs.

Because we are a forestry company, we can offer 5 exceptional wood grades to choose from our carefully managed forests with warranties of up to 30 years against decay in any weather. Click for more about our 5 wood grades

Wood decay is warrantied up to 30 years depending on the wood grade.  No other outdoor furniture manufacturer has warranties like this.  The key is the excellent quality of our wood and the extra-thick timber designs of all our pieces. 

Wood Grades and Decay Warranty:

  • Douglas-fir: 10 years
  • Mosaic Eco-Wood: 10 years
  • Redwood: 15 years
  • Mature Redwood:  20 years
  • Old-Growth Redwood: 30 years

Forever Redwood stands behind its products. We are committed to quickly resolving any issues that might occur.  For more information please see our Warranty page.

We offer 4 Shipping Options in the U.S.:

Priority Shipping (ships in 2 to 3 weeks)

Standard Shipping (ships in 4 to 6 weeks)

Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. (ships in 8 to 10 weeks)

Wait & Save Shipping (ships in 12 to 14 weeks) - Free Shipping plus save 5% on your order.

Yes, you can have free shipping plus save 5% off your order! We carefully hand build each Forever Redwood item. When you choose a longer shipout date, you give us more time to build. This lowers our cost and we pass the savings to you. If you choose the Wait & Save Shipping option and prefer we ship out a specific date (up to 6 months in advance), just enter the date in the Comment Box at Checkout. If no note is included, we'll ship in 3 months.

Orders ship from San Diego, CA. Add 3 to 6 business days transit time (depending on location).

We ship to any country. Canada orders ship in 6 weeks. To see Canadian shipping costs, just add item to cart.

For orders outside the U.S. or Canada, just enter your country in the shipping information section at checkout or in the shopping cart to see your freight cost. We ship outside the U.S. or Canada in 6 weeks. For all international shipments, the shipping companies handle any customs paperwork and then contact you to arrange delivery.

Assembly Service Available in California: Just add a note in the comment box at checkout that you'd like "Hand-Delivery & Assembly". We'll email a quote. Minimum $95 assembly charge. 

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