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Heritage Benches

Dear Raul,
I apologize for the delay. Apparently the
benches arrived late Friday afternoon which is unusual, but understandable because of our Moonshine Festival up the street….
While I was scurrying around, little did I know that Ed accepted the box, took a look inside and loved what he saw, that he set them up on the back patio.
Sunday morning I was thinking the benches should have come, so I walked outside—lo and behold there were the benches—fit perfectly around the table. This is the most beautiful work I have ever seen! Tony should get an award. I am planning to have the neighbors over once things settle down, and will forge ahead on the letters I will be sending.
Again, from the bottom of our hearts, your furniture is even better than our first love— Hunt’s Furniture of Wingdale, New York. You are more artistic— definitely.