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Wood Benches

Handcrafted Beauties to grace your yard

Forever Redwood has a large collection of beautiful benches built with the highest quality California Redwood.

If you've been looking for lovely wood garden furniture built to really last, you have finally found it! Please take a look at the dozens of thick-timber designs below. If you do not find what you need, let us know and we will make it for you.

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Explore Our Best Selling Selection of Benches Styles, Sizes, and Custom Options:

Ti Amo Benches
A customer favorite. This durable, beautifully contoured bench is perfect for public parks and families who want a bench to last generations.
Lighthouse Benches
The simple yet elegant Lighthouse Bench is very popular both indoors or outdoors. From a changing room to a garden setting, from a sauna to a museum hallway...
Eli's Potting Benches
The popular Eli`s Potting bench is a beautiful combination of form and functionality. Better yet, its completely customizable to suit your needs!.
Lutyen's Benches
This beautifully proportioned design customized in our own long lasting Redwood provides an elegant bench that will be enjoyed for decades to come.
Alan's Storage Benches
A combination of beautiful  lines and functionality, this bench, named for the customer who designed it adds  natural elegance to any space, inside or outside.
Hennell Benches
Add warmth and some old-fashioned wooden charm to your yard with a traditional Hennell Bench.

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