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Storage & Potting Benches

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Ti Amo Park Bench

Our best-selling bench by far. The name ("I Love You") says it all.

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Adirondack Rocking Chair

Glide through the summer on our beautiful, durable Adirondack Rocker.

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All Orders  qualify for Free Shipping Depending on wood grade, Forever Redwood furniture is guaranteed for 10 to 30 years regardless of your local weather Forever Redwood's Restoration Forestry practices exceed FSC and other Sustainable Forestry Certification standards
Alan's Storage Benches
Available in 5 sizes
From $1,090 to $3,375
Eli's Potting Benches
Available in 4 sizes
From $1,080 to $3,399
Traditional Storage Benches
Available in 144 sizes
From $580 to $3,068