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Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular Dining Table Sets

The Most Popular for a Reason

The thick-timber combined with the simple traditional lines make our San Francisco Patio Table, our Trestle, the Maynard and the Baja Tables year after year top sellers.

Each set is built the size and width you like. You can go with just the table or add benches or chairs of different designs. Shipped in a few easy to reassemble parts to your door.

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Baja Tables
Available in 210 sizes
From $930 to $10,510
Maynard Wooden Tables
Available in 108 sizes
From $890 to $5,640
San Francisco Patio Tables
Available in 270 sizes
From $920 to $13,160
Trestle Dining Tables
Available in 240 sizes
From $990 to $9,640