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We can help with plans if you like. Each Kikue's Tea House (or any of our structures) is custom designed and built. Besides sizing options, you have flooring and decking and wall height and other options that make each one unique.

We can offer you one of our Design Engineers to work with you to get it just the way you want with all the options. This is how we work with all our orders. The design phase usually takes 3 or 4 back and forth emails once you give us the starting point options you would like. Once you have the design just the way you want it, we send the approved design drawings to our Production Engineering Office where another Engineer will prepare a detailed cut list of each piece. Yes, literally draw each piece with angles and notches and holes so that our production team can follow the cutlist and not waste any wood.

Because of this, we have to charge $2,000 to prepare a custom design and custom cutlist for any of our Gazebos, Pergolas or Pavilions. If you are looking for a set of plans for a table or a bench, the process is simpler and the cost is usually under $500.

We can send you an off the shelf set of design and cut lists for a size and option set we already have made if you like for only $100, but if it is not exactly the way you want it, it will be a headache for you to make the changes as needed and we don't recommend it.

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