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FAQ - Sales and Discounts

Is there any way to save on buying your stuff?

Yes. There are several ways to keep your cost down. We offer special sales and discount coupons by e-mail only. Sign up and we will send you a coupon worth 5% off your first purchase—valid for the next ten days. Along with coupons you will receive Special Sales notices and occasional updates on new designs and our forestry work.
If you buy several items at the same time you will qualify for our volume discounts. Multi-item orders over $10,000 receive a 5% discount. Please call us for multi-item orders over $20,000 for special pricing.

Also, please keep in mind that our furniture is made to really, REALLY last. You won't have to replace it, PERIOD. That saves a lot of time and money over the years because you don't have to drive around and buy another set every few years.


We do not offer conventional financing. We do offer our Wait & Save Shipping option. It is a 12 week ship out for our orders but you get several discounts and benefits:

  1. Free Shipping.
  2. 5% off your order also.
  3. You can split your payments so that it is charged 25% initially and 25% per month until the order ships out.

We are a small carpentry shop and are not in a position to offer financing in house. Of course, if your credit is strong enough, you should be able to secure financing if you want to go that route from a financing source like your bank or credit union. Many of our customers use their credit cards to space the payments over a few months like point no. 3 above mentions.

Payment Otions?:

  • Check (2% discount): Save money by paying the old fashioned way: mail us a check. When you choose the Check option, the cart automatically deducts 2% off your order. We save on credit card processing and pass the savings to you. Also, you can mail a 50% deposit to save cash and we’ll remind you when your order is ready to send the balance. NOTE: Orders are not started until your check is received. Please send your check as soon as possible to avoid delays. If using U.S. Mail, send your check to: Forever Redwood P. O. Box 165 Bodega, CA 94922. If using FedEx or UPS, please send to: Forever Redwood 17160 Bodega Hwy. #165 Bodega, CA 94922 for fastest processing.

  • Credit Cards: We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express

  • Wire Transfers (3% discount): To maximize your savings, you can pay via wire transfer. We save both on credit card processing and man hours running to the bank to deposit checks and pass the savings to you. The shopping cart automatically calculates the 3% savings and you can proceed to place the order and send the wire the next business day. Our wiring information is: Wells Fargo Bank Forever Redwood Routing Number 121000248 Account No. 5871884218. We will email you when the wire comes in so you know the order has been finalized.

  • Credit Cards: We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express.

  • Purchase Orders Instructions (P.O.'s): To process a P.O., click the Purchase Order button and enter your P.O. number in the adjacent box. Please email, fax or mail a signed copy of your Purchase Order. We accept 50% purchase orders from city, state and federal government agencies and from all U.S. schools, universities and hospitals. We also accept 50% Purchase Orders from larger U.S. companies (with a 50% initial deposit). We do not accept purchase orders from outside the U.S.

    Purchase orders have payment terms of 30 days net. We reserve the right to reject P.O. orders for any reason. If planning a multi-item order of over $10,000, please contact us for volume pricing.

    Your order will not ship until we receive payment.

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