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Make your outdoor addition dreams come true with our beautiful Redwood Dream Gazebos. These Gazebos are meant to inspire and offer you a unique and stylish space for your backyard or garden. The Redwood Gazebos are meant to give you an area with tons of natural light, and fresh air, all while providing an elegant indoor space for you and your family. These Gazebos truly are a dream.

Dream Gazebo (Options: 10' L, 14' W, Mature Redwood, All Sliding Windows with Screens, Without Skylight, 24

Click Photos Below for pricing and options:

Price from: $8,990.00 to $67,200.00

Our Forever Redwood Dream Gazebos can be fully customizable to meet your space and style needs. They are built with multiple layers of restoration Redwood to ensure durability and comfort, even in inclement weather or sustained seasonal adversity. These Dream Gazebos give you the unique feeling of being both outdoors and indoors simultaneously, and can be used as a small meeting room, dining area, or even a one-of-a-kind guest room.

  • The Cupola’s clerestory windows provide the Dream Gazebo with natural light and additional ventilation. Interior wall panels create a finished room.
  • Detailed Drawings are emailed within 3 business days.  You can change any detail or dimension to ensure your Dream Gazebo will work perfectly for you.
  • Options include: Windows (sliding or fixed, with or without screens), wood flooring, skylight choices, door styles (French or sliding) and Roofing options (shingles or 1x6 shiplap boards). You can adjust the wall height as needed. The door and window layout is also flexible  - yes, you can design the Dream Gazebo your way completely!
  • Our Materials are guaranteed to last decades. Redwood outlasts teak and cedar. We use oversized timbers, Stainless Steel hardware and the best weather resistant sealant.
  • Each Gazebo is fully erected in the shop for easy re-assembly. No drilling, sanding or cutting needed. Ships in finished panels that are bolted together.
  • Forever Redwood is a forest restoration company. We harvest a limited amount of wood from our forestlands and select the finest timbers to build our structures. Our Gazebos come with warrranties of up to 30 years and can be designed to accomodate your special requirements. Call or email anytime to see how easy it is to create your ideal wood gazebo kit.

Forever Redwood products, including the Dream Gazebo and Redwood Gazebo kits, are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and we ensure them for up to thirty years. You can pick the style, size, and type of wood yourself, and we will put together your special order within a matter of days. We can also help you set it up, if you decide that you don’t want to do it yourself. Call us to find out more!

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