If you need additional shading or privacy for the sides of your Pergola or Pavilion, we have several options you can choose from. And, if you do not see an option you are interested in, let us know during the drawing process of your order and we can help design a custom privacy option of your own creation.

Some of our more popular privacy options can be applied to one side or several. They can be half walled or full wall for maximum privacy. You can add the half wall options anywhere you like: top, bottom or halfway. Yes, you are in charge of the final design details 100%:

  1. You can add Lattice Privacy Panels to your Pergola or Pavilion:

    The lattice is normally made with 1 ¾" W slats with 1 ¾" W openings that are diagonal. We offer you several options with the Lattice Privacy Panels:
    • Lattice Privacy Panels can be up to 48" H each. If you prefer a shorter height, just let us know in the comment box at checkout. If you want to have privacy panels from the roof to the ground on one or more sides, you'll need 2 panels to cover the approximate 8' height.
    • Lattice Privacy Panel(s) can be made long enough to fit between the posts of a 20' roof side (after taking into account the 1' overhang beyond the posts and the width of the posts, this leaves up to a 17' 1" distance you can cover with any of our Privacy Panel options). You have the option of adding as many panels as you like. We always prepare drawings prior to building any Pergola. So, you'll have time to review your initial selection and make any changes to be certain the Privacy Panels are located where you'd like and that they are the correct height and height off the ground, etc.
    • When ordering Lattice Privacy Panels, please let us know in the Comments Box at checkout the height off the ground you'd like the bottom of your panel(s) to be we'll drill installation holes in the posts to achieve the height you specify. If no height is specified, we'll ship your posts without holes so you can determine the best height during installation.

  2. You can add Shutter Panels to your Pergola or Pavilion:

    We can build your Privacy Panels as shutters. The shutters sections open inwards and the bottom half of the wall is usually a solid wood panels as shown. Shutters are fixed and do not open and close. Shutter panels are normally made full length from 6 inches above the ground to the height of the first timber in the roof or 8' total height. The shutter privacy option is also available in a half height panel and in a full height panel that is all shutters. If you require a different option/combo or total height, let us know.

  3. You Can add Louvered Panels for your Pergola or Pavilion:

    We can build your privacy panels as louvers. You can have louvers installed for your Pergola for maximum flexibility in terms of light allowed in and privacy. Louver panels are made up to 8' tall and the louvers normally begin 6" off the ground. We offer the panels with louvers only or with louvers the top half and a solid wall below. You can also just order a half height louver panel (48" H) only. If you require louvers of a special size or shape, please let us know. If you would like to combine louvers and shutters or any other custom request, you can add these custom details during the drawing process of your shade structure order.