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Wood Swing Seats

Rubber or Plastic is not the only option

Your outdoor time will be so much more relaxing (and fun) after spending the day kicking back on our handcrafted Wood Swing Seats.

They are so much fun, and a great way to transform your backyard into refuge of rest and relaxation.

These swings attach to trees, beams, or certain house facades, and are built to take hundreds of pounds, and decades of use out in the elements. Click on any of our five great options below to see more.

Explore Our Large Selection of Swings & Gliders Styles, Sizes, and Options


Choice is the name of the game when it comes to our versatile selection of Wood Swing Seats. We’ve got Bench Swings, Toddler Swing Seats, Armchair Swing Seats, Rory’s Swing Seats, and Disk Swing Seats. Each and every swing type is made with extra thick redwood, and designed for maximum comfort, style, and usability. They hang from stainless steel chains, and require next to no upkeep over time, even after the effects of the four seasons, and years of use.

Bench Swings (Seat Only)
From $1,040 to $3,745
Hang one of our Garden Bench swings under a big oak tree or from a porch rafter, break out the margaritas, and enjoy the sunset.
Armchair Swings (Seat Only)
From $820 to $2,215
Our Chair Swing Seat with a little hardware is all you need to be swinging under your own tree or porch. Relax and enjoy with a tall glass of lemonade and imagine yourself swinging for decades to come with this finely made swing.
Disk Swing Seats
From $260 to $810
Simple Classic Swinging Fun! Our Disk Swing Seat allows you to place a swing almost anywhere. Just add a rope and get swinging!
Rory's Swing Seats
From $240 to $765
If you just need a seat to make your own wooden swing seat, the Rory's Swing seat works great with rope from your local hardware store...
Toddler Swing Seats
From $350 to $1,025
The Toddler Swing Seat is a beautiful traditional all wooden swing seat built with a fixed safety bar and belt to keep the kids swinging and you worry free.

Why Forever Redwood?

Found what you want? Click on the Wood Swing Seat category you like the best, and scroll through our custom options menus to get exactly what fits your needs best.

We offer door-to-door delivery to anywhere in the Continental United States, and accept certain special orders upon request.

Just ask if there’s something you need that you don’t see! Assembly is a cinch, and you’ll be swinging away in style in no time. Call or write us here for more.

We are proud to serve some of the greatest customers in the world


The swing is amazing. Way better than I could have envisioned from the website.

It was there when I got home on Sept. 20. My son had his 8th birthday party on Sept. 22. The swing was a big hit. One of my sister-in-laws painted the toenails of my daughter and 5 of our nieces (ages 4 to 11) while they were sitting on the swing. Probably not an intended use, but it worked well.

Thank you for all of your efforts in getting it to us in time. If you have the name and mailing address for the guys who built it, I would appreciate it. They did a great job.

Eugene, OR.

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