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Yes, you can have it your way...

It’s all about quality, comfort, style and versatility when it comes to our huge selection of Wood Picnic Benches, built to last decades, from Forever Redwood.

A picnic bench is one of the most classic icons of growing up spending time outdoors.

That’s why we want to give you the highest quality of handmade redwood benches on the market, which can fit both your space needs and your budget.

Explore Our Large Selection of Benches Styles, Sizes, and Options


With so many options to choose from, you’ll find a wide array of styles and builds that can go with practically any outdoor setup or theme. We’ve got Wood Picnic Benches that range from Parquet Benches, Redwood Trestle Benches, the V-Wing Bench, the Sanctuary Bench, the Classic Wooden Picnic Bench, plus many more! Each bench is available in multiple sizes and wood types, and can be fully customized to match exactly what you want.

Arc Picnic Benches
A classic arc picnic bench is a great way to sit around creating memories with family for years to come.
Classic Wooden Picnic Bench
A traditional picnic bench is always welcomed for outdoor dining with friends and family.
Heritage Wooden Picnic Bench
What? A bench made with wood that is older than the U. S.? Yes, the Heritage Garden bench is made with extra wide reclaimed Old-Growth Redwood boards that are hundreds of years old.
Maynard Garden Bench
The Maynard's clean straight lines make it a popular bench for outdoor or indoor dining with loved ones for years to come.
Parquet Benches
This beautiful bench boasts a seat made from a mosaic of Redwood. Friends and neighbors will be asking where you found it for years to come.
Wood Patio Bench
These elegant durable benches are a beautiful addition to your balcony, deck or garden.
Round Wood Picnic Bench
You can never go wrong with a traditional round picnic bench. Perfect for just about anything outdoors.
The Sanctuary Wood Patio Bench
How about a lovely receptive curvaceous friend for the patio? The Sanctuary bench doubles as a comfortable place to sit too!
Redwood Trestle Bench
More than a Picnic/Dining Bench! We added trestle legs and beautiful fun curves to a traditional bench style and created a handcrafted masterpiece.
The V-Wing Benches
The V-Wing Bench. The name says it all. Its a bench that wants to be a fighter starship. Not for the faint of heart!

Why Forever Redwood?

Ordering your own Wood Picnic Benches couldn’t be easier with our online shopping and payment options, custom sizes, and national delivery options (Continental US only).

All orders are made individually, and shipped in an easy-to-assemble package, that should take you less than a day, and requires no heavy tools or drills.

Call and ask about our warrantee options, and let us know if you have any special requests for any of these one of a kind redwood benches.

We are proud to serve some of the greatest customers in the world

Just assembled and placed my Parquet bench in the garden. My neighbor leaned over the fence and her first words were: "Where did you get that beauty?" Thank you for a fine bench my family will enjoy for many years.

Ron H.
Winter Haven, FL

Excellent sturdy bench. I am going to pick up another one for my shower!

Adam C.
San Francisco, CA

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