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Wooden Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating Options Built to Outlast Us All!

Choosing the right Wooden Outdoor Seating is important, whether for your home, park, school, or business. At Forever Redwood, we have lots of great options in all types of styles, sizes, and budgets.

Large or small, folding, or solid shaped, you can pick the perfect Wooden Outdoor Seating set to suit you. Each one is built by hand, and fully customized to order. Simply pick what you want, and have us build it just for you!

Miramar Half Circle Tree Bench

Sometimes a half circle is the perfect shape for a bench...

Ruth Redwood Rocker

The Ruth Rocker is a study in durability and strength clothed in elegance. Available in a standard or an XW seat or in Deep or Tall rocking style to suit every taste.

Lighthouse Wooden Shower Bench

Choose one of our all wood shower benches for your sauna, shower, or anywhere! Unlike plastic, our beautiful woods are renewable, long lasting and completely environmentally friendly.

Penny Wooden Sun Lounger

Penny's Loungers are our most popular sellers year after year. You'll love the soft, comfortable curves and smooth wood finish. This is a lounger made for sun-worshippers and all lovers of beautiful design.

Adirondack Flat Ottoman

The multi-functional companion to our Adirondack Chair, our Adirondack Flat Ottoman doubles as a side table!

The Portable Beach Chair

Our Beach Chairs are cleverly designed in two parts that just slide together. Easy to store, comfortable and built for lasting durability!

Reclining Redwood Easy Chair

Just pull out the seat and take a snooze! Reclining Easychairs are perfect for relaxing inside or out. You'll love how comfortable it is and how sturdy and strong it feels.

Arc Picnic Benches
One of the best things about the Arc Picnic Benches is the versatility of what you can do with them. They’re easy to move, rugged and sturdy, and look great all at the same time! Rain? Heat? Winter? No problem. We offer a variety of options to customize for taste and size requirements.
Ensenada Ottoman

A striking complement to our Ensenada Easy Chair, our Ensenada Ottoman is beautifully designed to complete the set in both style and comfort!

Marazul Wooden Beach Chair

Our Marazul Chair was initially designed for ocean front living, but it likes pool areas and back yards too.

Circular Wooden Spa Step

Designed with your spa or hot tub in mind, our Circular Spa Steps provide a beautiful, practical and safe way to enjoy your spa!

Maynard Garden Bench

A beautiful dining bench perfect for outdoor/indoor dining with loved ones for years to come.

Maynard Wood Shower Bench

Choose one of our all wood shower benches for your sauna, shower, or anywhere! Unlike plastic, our beautiful woods are renewable, long lasting and completely environmentally friendly.

Parquet Wooden Bench

This beautiful bench boasts a seat made from a mosaic of Redwood. Friends and neighbors will be asking where you found it for years to come.

Ruth Wooden Bench

The Ruth Bench is a not just another fleeting curvaceous beauty, she is the real deal and she will still be by your side twenty years down the road...

San Diego Portside Wooden Bench

The simple yet elegant San Diego Portside Bench was overbuilt for public spaces, but will happily grace a private residence as well. Available in a range of sizes and options.

Adirondack Vignette Settee
A treasured favorite for decades, the Adirondack Vignette Settees are loved because they are a comfortable and functional and a great place to get away and chill.
Alan's Engraved Wood Bench
Alan’s Engraved Wood Bench is a beautiful design with powerful contours. Built with gorgeous long lasting California Redwood to last decades.
Fullback Wood Picnic Bench

Enjoy this classic picnic/park bench with a sturdy inclined back for greater comfort.

Ruth Vignette Wood Settee

A thoughtful, elegant wedding or anniversary gift, or a treasured addition to any home, our Vignette Settees are the perfect place to dream, remember, and share with that special someone.

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