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Wooden Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating Options Built to Outlast Us All!

Choosing the right Wooden Outdoor Seating is important, whether for your home, park, school, or business. At Forever Redwood, we have lots of great options in all types of styles, sizes, and budgets.

Large or small, folding, or solid shaped, you can pick the perfect Wooden Outdoor Seating set to suit you. Each one is built by hand, and fully customized to order. Simply pick what you want, and have us build it just for you!

Fullback Arc Wood Picnic Bench

A classic rounded picnic bench perfect for creating memories with friends and family for years to come.

Heritage Wooden Picnic Bench

What? A bench made with wood that is older than the U. S.? Yes, the Heritage Garden bench is made with extra wide reclaimed Old-Growth Redwood boards that are hundreds of years old.

Kid's Wooden Rocking Chair

This sturdy rocking chair is solid enough for generations of kids and beautiful enough to be placed anywhere in your home.

Massive Wooden Rocking Chair

The name speaks for itself-this oversized sturdy rocking chair is solid enough for generations of enjoyment, yet beautiful enough to be placed in any area of your home. Available with an Extra Wide seat or in Deep or Tall sizes to suite every taste.

Patio Wood Shower Bench

Choose one of our all wood shower benches for your sauna, shower, or anywhere! Unlike plastic, our beautiful woods are renewable, long lasting and completely environmentally friendly.

The Rio Hammock Chair

Introducing our brand new Rio Hammock Chair - part portable chair, part swinging hammock and part blissful lounger. Now yours to enjoy.

Round Wood Picnic Bench

You can never go wrong with a traditional round picnic bench. Perfect for just about anything outdoors.

Rustic Redwood Bench

Add a Charming Rustic touch to any space with our original overbuilt bench design.

Folding Adirondack Ottoman

The perfect companion to our Folding Adirondack Chair, our Folding Adirondack Ottoman is beautifully designed to complete the set in style, comfort and portability!

Angel's Armchair
The Angel's armchair is for the fat timber lovers of the planet. It is comfortable, handsome and doubles as a bomb shelter for your pets to hide under. Don't you agree?
Bonsignour Handcrafted Wood Bench

Enhance your landscape with our beautiful handcrafted Bonsignour Benches.

EZ Ottoman

Its an ottoman and its a side table too. Its strong, versatile and good looking too! The Easy Redwood Ottoman is built with 100% excellent quality California timber so we can confidently offer you warranties of up to 30 years in any weather.

Folding Outdoor Wood Bench

Add a touch of warm wood furniture to family gatherings and parties without giving up your precious everyday deck or kitchen space.

Half Circle Tree Bench

Sometimes a half circle is the perfect shape for a bench...

Heart Redwood Bench

Add warmth and some old-fashioned wooden charm to your yard with the charming Heart Bench.

Heritage Redwood Bench

Thick timbered simplicity designed by a local wood fanatic. This bench uses only one giant solid board for the comfortable seat and another for the backrest.

Kid's Arc Folding Benches

Our folding kids arc bench is not only beautiful, but built to be abused by the little guys...

Kid's Wood Luna Bench

Give the kids a lovely outdoor (or indoor!) space of their own with these gorgeous benches.

Kid's Wooden Folding Chair

Need chairs for kids once in a while? Can't stand plastic? Our Kids' Folding Chairs are incredibly durable.lovely and easy to store.

Ladderback Wooden Stool

The Traditional Ladderback has joined the Forever Redwood line. Recently built for an Indianapolis, Indiana restaurant, we fell in love and had to add it to the site.

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