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Outdoor Seating Options Built to Outlast Us All!

Choosing the right Wooden Outdoor Seating is important, whether for your home, park, school, or business. At Forever Redwood, we have lots of great options in all types of styles, sizes, and budgets.

Large or small, folding, or solid shaped, you can pick the perfect Wooden Outdoor Seating set to suit you. Each one is built by hand, and fully customized to order. Simply pick what you want, and have us build it just for you!

Wood Ladderback Chair
Wood Ladderback Chair

The Ladderback chair was first designed for an Indianapolis area Bistro. We fell in love. Hope you do to. Ships fully assembled.

Wood Patio Bench
Wood Patio Bench

These elegant durable benches are a beautiful addition to your balcony, deck or garden. 

Wooden Corner Shower Bench
Wooden Corner Shower Bench

How about a small attractive bench for that corner? Nothing compares to a wooden bench for your sauna, shower, or changing area. Unlike plastic, wood is warm, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

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