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Picnic Tables

Classic American Picnic Tables

Only the best wood and lots of it

Our Redwood Picnic Tables are for people who don’t want to mess around with inferior materials or cookie-cutter construction. These traditional outdoor tables are custom-built by expert craftsmen, who hand-select each board for optimal longevity and appearance. All tabletop and benchtop boards are made from generous quantities of the highest quality quarter-sawn, vertical grain lumber, guaranteeing not only that your table will not decay, but that it will even mature in beauty over its lifetime.

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Rectangular Picnic Tables

The iconic picnic table — perfect for any park, backyard, patio, campground, or beach. Overbuilt to never splinter or crack. Available with attached or unattached benches, available is sizes seating up to 18 adults comfortably.

Round Picnic Tables

An intimate table with plenty of room for large platters. Like all our picnic tables, this table is built for year-round weather, using only the best wood and stainless steel hardware. Seats up to 12 adults. Kid’s tables also available.

Oval & Octagonal Picnic Tables

The same 100% solid wood and old-world craftsmanship, in a variety of interesting shapes. Seating up to 12 adults, these tables will add something special to any outdoor space.

Square Picnic Tables

The equilateral cousin of our classic Rectangular Picnic Table. The Heritage Square Picnic Table is carefully crafted with 12" wide boards from our finest Old-Growth Redwood. This finely finished wood is clear or nearly clear of knots (which is rarely available on the open market) and is so weather-resistant that it comes with a 30-year guarantee.