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Side Tables

Redwood Side Tables

Round, Rectangular, Square or Surfboard shaped?

Our Redwood Side Tables, and Solid Wood Coffee Tables are the perfect compliment to your outdoor wooden patio furniture or yard setup.

These unique side tables are as sturdy as any large dinner or picnic table, built with size and function in mind for any need.

We have a variety of styles, sizes, and wood to choose from, and each is customizable and built just for you!

Round Solid Wood Side Table

Soften the edges in your life with our classic Round Side Table. Perfect for holding a soothing beverage close by or supporting a beautiful vase of flowers. These tables are durable, thick, yet easy to move and store, both inside and out.

Sturdy Rectangular Wood Side Table

A Sturdy Wood Side Table isn’t just a complement to your household furniture, it’s a functional, beautiful, and versatile addition to your house overall. This table is as tough as it gets, and built double thick, from only 100% reforested California timber. Whether it’s outside on the deck, or inside next to your bed or couch, you’re sure to find many great uses for this fantastic side table.

Ashley's Round Small Wood Side Table

With Ashley’s Round Small Wood Side Table, you get a solid, stylish, and functional Redwood table, in the perfect size to fit any space. We build these multi-colored round small wood side tables from contrasting wood to give it a natural striped look that’s one of a kind. It’s finished to look and feel as smooth as possible, and is one of the most durable tables of its size around

Mini 12 Inch Round Wood Side Table

When it comes to quality woodwork, size isn’t everything, and this is abundantly evident in our 12-Inch Small Round Wood Side Tables. These tables pack a lot into a small package, and are both versatile and gorgeous to look at. You can literally bring this small Redwood side table anywhere, making it the perfect accompaniment to your existing Redwood furniture, or as all by itself.

Square Side Tables

You don’t need a big table to make a statement with style and function, and our Small Square Solid Redwood Side table embodies just that. It’s easy to move, easy to store, but also sturdy, well built, and as functional as any of our larger Redwood tables. You can use this sturdy side table both indoors and outdoors, no matter what time of year.

Adirondack Side Table

Complete your classic thick-timber Adirondack set with the Adirondack Side Table. Create a space for games, drinks or a few of your favorite treasures.

Brian's Side Tables

Brian's Side Tables were designed to match our Reclining Loveseat and Easychair. Whether you want a unified look or prefer mix-and-match style, you can't go wrong with 100% California Redwood in our thick-timber designs.

Vera's Custom Wood Side Table

Our Vera's Side Table is a beautiful addition to your porch, balcony or deck.

Angel's Natural Redwood Side Table

Angel's Natural Redwood Side Table embodies the rich landscape of the Redwood forests that inspired it. The thick-timber design is so sturdy it can double as a backless bench.

Ashley's Multi Colored Wood Table

Show off the beauty of 100% solid wood furniture with alternating, nature-endowed colors. Available in both Round and Square designs in a variety of contrasting All-American wood grades.

Oversized Coffee Table

Our Massive coffee tables are built to stand out with their striking size and fine beauty.

Terrace Wood Outdoor Coffee Table

Our Terrace Side Table is at home on the porch, outside or in the bedroom. What size would you like it made?

Wood Surfboard Coffee Table

The Surf Side Table is popular among surfers and non-surfers alike. The contrasting natural wood colors and beach going lines create a breezy relaxed getaway at home and beyond...

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