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Round Wooden Picnic Tables (Detached Benches)

Having a Round Wooden Picnic Table With Detached Benches in your back yard, beach area, park, or restaurant patio will bring a whole new vibe to your outdoor space and gatherings. These tables are great to entertain groups of people, or catch a quiet moment to yourself, outside in Mother Nature.

Round Wooden Picnic Tables (detached benches) by Forever Redwood

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Price from: $1,020.00 to $8,420.00

The detached benches on these Round Wooden Picnic Tables makes them very versatile, and easy to transport place to place. They are perfect for summertime parties, fall foliage, and will stay in tact through any weather, even during the toughest winter months. Why? Because these tables are made from double-thick 100% California reforested timber. These tables, and benches, are as durable as they are stylish. You’ll know right away that you got one of the best wood-made products on earth immediately after the first use.

  • Wooden picnic tables available in sizes that seat up to 12 adults comfortably
  • Tailor it to your tastes easily with our more options - tabletop style, attached benches or no seating, bench styles, umbrella holes, stains/sealants, etc. For Attached Benches see Round Picnic Table (Attached Benches)
  • Materials to last a lifetime - our extra thick, finely sanded Redwood that outlasts cedar/teak, stainless hardware and the best weather resistant sealants.
  • Simple Assembly

Our incredible warrantees guarantee all of our Forever Redwood tables, benches, and other quality Redwood products for up to 30 years. These handcrafted, custom-built tables can be made to fit your unique specifications. You can choose what you want from the drop down menu above, or give us a call to discuss ordering/delivery options. We build it your way! Contact us now to find out more.

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