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Dining Tables

Redwood Dining Tables

Dine on the Planet’s Most Beautiful Wood

Redwood Dining Tables are as sophisticated as they are sturdy and an absolute gem of an addition to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

These tables are built tough, and have a look and feel all to themselves; one that will last you and your family for a generation.

No matter what size, or what style, you will love these Solid Wood Dining Sets for your home or business.

San Francisco Redwood Patio Table

Having a handmade redwood table really makes a statement, and our San Francisco Redwood Patio Table is no exception. These elegant, overbuilt solid wood tables are crafted to last for good. With bold, sturdy edges, intricate cuts and craftsmanship, the San Francisco really has it all. It’s sophisticated enough to go indoors, and built durable enough to stay outside for years to come. 

Baja Outdoor Redwood Dining Table

Our solid, country style Baja Table is built from 2" thick planks of weather resistant Redwood, hand crafted to last for decades virtually maintenance free.

Round Outdoor Patio Table

When you’re looking for outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time, nothing quite beats our Durable Outdoor Patio Table. This table is built from gorgeous thick, solid, restored wood, and designed to give your space a stylish rustic look that goes with any type of outdoor space you want to put it in. Order the Durable Outdoor Patio Table with matching chairs, or as a stand-alone. We’ll customize it just for you!

Lisa's Retro Outdoor Patio Table

Our Lisa's table is modeled off a 1950s table in Sunset Magazine. Its thick planked, retro design has made a welcomed comeback, ready to add some spice to your garden parties and evening dinners.

Square Patio Tables

Elegant and Overbuilt - The perfect combination for a table set to last a lifetime. Our Square Patio Table in naturally weather resistant Redwood is quality crafted for durability and strength, and ready to support decades of game nights and family dinners.

The Sunset Patio Tables

The Sunset Patio Table is a gorgeous all wood round patio table. Its thick planked retro design can be made in any diameter you like and shipped with just about any seating arrangement you can think of.

Maynard Modern Redwood Patio Table

The Forever Maynard Table Sets are for the minimalist at heart. Zero curves, zero design details, zero maintenance simple beauty to just enjoy for decades.

Terrace Wood Cocktail Table

Forever Redwood's Cocktail Table sets offer beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy for a lifetime!

Trestle Natural Wood Outdoor Table

More than a Picnic Table! We added Trestle Legs and Beautiful Fun curves to the traditional picnic table to create The Forever Trestle Table for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.

Gladys's Balcony Table Set

The Gladys's Balcony Table Set offers beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy for a lifetime.

The Classic Redwood Patio Table

Elegant, overbuilt solid wood tables that are crafted to last. Each Classic Redwood Patio Table is carefully made to your specifications and will complement any indoor/outdoor setting.

Round Cocktail Table

Forever Redwoods Cocktail table sets offer beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy a lifetime.

San Francisco Large Outdoor Cocktail Table

Forever Redwoods' Cocktail Table sets offer beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy for a lifetime.

Terrace Round Wooden Table

Hey, take a look at me! Yes, the Terrace table has a bit of an ego, but, you may agree it is deserved.

The Tete-a-Tete Outdoor Wood Cocktail & Bar Stool Set

The Tete-a-tete is a beautiful long lasting natural wood cocktail table set.

Vera's Outdoor Wood Cocktail Table

Start with an overbuilt table set, add some soft angles and a set of comfortable swivel seats and you suddenly have a lot of fun on your hands! Vera's Table set will complement any setting for decades to come.

Helen's Octagonal Terrace Tables

Helen's Octagonal Terrace Table is another custom job we fell in love with. As with all our tables, it's quality crafted from thick, weather resistant Redwood harvested using only the most environmentally friendly methods.

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