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St. Anthony's Face to Face Gliders

Our St. Anthony`s Face to Face Glider Swing is our best swing. This delightful glider swing is powered by riders' feet effortlessly and glides along while never creaking. It is a named after its original designer, Anthony Gallo.

St. Anthony's Glider (XW, Old-Growth Redwood, No Kid's Platform, XW Roof, No Engraving, Transparent Premium Sealant).

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Price from: $3,500.00 to $10,275.00

St. Anthony`s Face to Face Glider Swing is a delightful swing to enjoy a solo ride or a fun-filled ride with your kids. It is named after its original designer, Anthony Gallo.

  • Design: Powered by the rider’s feet, it swings effortlessly and glides along without a creak.
  • Quality: Built with oversized timbers, it has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs.
  • Sizes: Available in a standard size or an XL if you want extra elbow room. Can be built with or without a roof.
  • Customize: Options to customize are available under More Options. You can add a kid’s platform that raises the floor so kids can easily power the swing, or choose the perfect stain or sealant to match your decor.
  • Assembly: Easy assembly. All you need is a friend, a hammer and a ratchet. Hardware included.

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