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Living Room

Redwood Living Room Furniture

Add a piece of real California Redwood

Imagine having your home living and dining area (or outdoor patio) adorned with this great Redwood Living Room furniture from Forever Redwood.

It will give your space a look that exudes old-world craftsmanship, rustic country style, and years of skilled woodworking experience.

We’ve got lots to offer for any type, or sized living space. Our Redwood Living Room furniture is fully customizable, with so many options; you’ll want one of everything. Check them out!

Explore Our Selection of Living Room Styles, Sizes, and Options

Get a thick cut redwood Privacy Screen, Oversized Coffee Table, Wooden Beach Chair, plus lots more from right here at our online store. Each and every piece of Redwood Living Room furniture is made to order, by hand, out of the country's best restoration forestry timber. We build them just the way you like them, and just the right size and style for your home or outdoor area. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, these items will stay the course for decades in the future

Privacy Screens

Easy to store and suited for indoor or outdoor use, our privacy screens are versatile, beautiful and very long lasting.

Poolside Privacy Panels

The Poolside Privacy Panels add elegance to any space. Create privacy and beauty with these versatile long lasting gems.

Maynard's Hall Tables

Perfect in entryways, bedrooms, hallways or anywhere in your home, our Maynard Hall Table adds a graceful touch to any room.

Marazul Wooden Beach Chair

Our Marazul Chair was initially designed for ocean front living, but it likes pool areas and back yards too.

Oversized Coffee Table

Our Massive coffee tables are built to stand out with their striking size and fine beauty.

Marazul Wood Outdoor Loveseat

Cozy up with a friend and enjoy the surf or some good conversation in our comfortable Marazul loveseat.

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