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Redwood Dining Tables

Dine on the Planet’s Most Beautiful Wood

Redwood Dining Tables are as sophisticated as they are sturdy and an absolute gem of an addition to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

These tables are built tough, and have a look and feel all to themselves; one that will last you and your family for a generation.

No matter what size, or what style, you will love these Solid Wood Dining Sets for your home or business.

Explore Our Wide Selection of Outdoor Redwood Furniture Styles, Sizes, and Options:


Not only do our beautiful Redwood Dining Tables look rustic and professionally designed, they’re also built like none other on the market. Our tables are built with 36% more wood than conventional board tables, and exclusively from sustainable restoration forestry timber. This means that even after years of outdoor use, your table will retain its look, function, and value!

San Francisco Redwood Patio Table
This table is a quintessential piece of patio furniture. The premier durability, craftsmanship and hardiness of its construction speak volumes, both visually and architecturally.
Lisa's Retro Outdoor Patio Table
Our Lisa's table is modeled off a 1950s table in Sunset Magazine. Its thick planked, retro design has made a welcomed comeback, ready to add some spice to your garden parties and evening dinners.
The Sunset Patio Tables
Our Sunset Patio Table is another custom order we fell in love with. Someone definitely knew exactly what they wanted...
Trestle Natural Wood Outdoor Table
The Trestle Table is a lovely addition to any space. Our sturdy and naturally beautiful design is both visually striking and exudes quality.
Baja Outdoor Redwood Dining Table
Our solid, country style Baja Table is built from 2" thick planks of weather resistant Redwood, hand crafted to last for decades virtually maintenance free.
Maynard Modern Redwood Patio Table
The Forever Maynard Table Sets are for the minimalist at heart. Zero curves, zero design details, zero maintenance. Just simple beauty to enjoy for decades.
Round Outdoor Patio Table
Our Beautiful Round Patio Table in naturally weather resistant Redwood is quality crafted for durability. Perfect for decades of outdoor dining on your patio with friends and family.
Gladys's Balcony Table Set
Gladys's Balcony Table Set offer beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy a lifetime.

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