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Redwood Dining Tables

Dine on the Planet’s Most Beautiful Wood

Redwood Dining Tables are as sophisticated as they are sturdy and an absolute gem of an addition to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

These tables are built tough, and have a look and feel all to themselves; one that will last you and your family for a generation.

No matter what size, or what style, you will love these Solid Wood Dining Sets for your home or business.



Not only do our beautiful Redwood Dining Tables look rustic and professionally designed, they’re also built like none other on the market. Our tables are built with 36% more wood than conventional board tables, and exclusively from sustainable restoration forestry timber. This means that even after years of outdoor use, your table will retain its look, function, and value!

San Francisco Redwood Patio Table
From $910 to $23,920
Elegant, overbuilt solid wood tables crafted to last. Each is carefully made to your specifications to complement any indoor/outdoor setting. Providing beauty and durability to your meals for decades to come.
Baja Outdoor Redwood Dining Table
From $1030 to $18,130
Our solid, country style Baja Trestle Table is built from 2" thick planks of weather resistant Redwood, hand crafted to last for decades virtually maintenance free. Seats up to 12.
Lisa's Retro Outdoor Patio Table
From $1,190 to $11,070
Our Lisa's Round Dinind Tables is modeled from a 1950's Sunset Magazine photo shoot. Its thick planked, retro design has grown to become one of our most popular tables.
Round Outdoor Patio Table
From $720 to $8,240
Our beautiful thick timbered Round Patio Table in naturally weather resistant Redwood is quality crafted for durability and strength - perfect for decades of outdoor dining on your patio with friends and family.
Square Patio Tables
From $740 to $12,260
These tables can be sized to fit, and run from 2.5 to 6.5 feet squared, making it perfect for yards and patios of any size. Our Square Wood Patio Tables are “overbuilt” for extra durability, and have nearly 40% more wood than the tables from our leading competitors.
The Sunset Patio Tables
From $1,360 to $12,700
The Sunset Patio Table is a gorgeous all wood round patio table. Its thick planked retro design can be made in any diameter you like and shipped with just about any seating arrangement you can think of.
Maynard Modern Redwood Patio Table
From $990 to $8,900
The Forever Maynard Table Sets are for the minimalist at heart. Zero curves, zero design details, zero maintenance - simple beauty to just enjoy for decades. Seats 6 to 12 comfortably.
Terrace Wood Cocktail Table
From $890 to $8,080
Forever Redwood's Cocktail table sets offer beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy a lifetime.
Trestle Natural Wood Outdoor Table
From $1,070 to $19,770
Start with a Picnic Table, Add Trestle Legs and Beautiful Fun curves. The Forever Trestle Table for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment. Seats up to 12 adults.
Gladys's Balcony Table Set
From $630 to $3,480
Gladys's Balcony Table Set offer beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy a lifetime.
The Classic Redwood Patio Table
From $1,000 to $23,940
The Classic Redwood Patio table is a truly classic piece of patio furniture. If your patio furniture needs a facelift and top-notch quality and you are inclined towards a traditional design, look no further than our Classic Redwood Patio Table.
Round Cocktail Table
From $890 to $6,040
Forever Redwood's Cocktail table sets offer beauty, simplicity and longevity. Buy once and enjoy a lifetime.
San Francisco Large Outdoor Cocktail Table
From $1,180 to $16,950
Easy to see why the San Francisco is our number one selling Cocktail Table sets: Simple lines, extra sturdy, finely finished, comfortable chairs, any height, width or length you want.
Terrace Round Wooden Table
From $930 to $5,790
Our beautiful "checkerboard" tabletop contrasted with straight solid legs creates a stylish design ready to enhance your entertaining for decades to come.
The Tete-a-Tete Outdoor Wood Cocktail & Bar Stool Set
From $950 to $4,560
The Tete-a-tete is a comfy place to hang or share some face to face time with a friend. This Cocktail Table set is built to be a trusted companion for decades to come.
Vera's Outdoor Wood Cocktail Table
From $920 to $14,260
Vera created it. She came up with the angles and the chair details. When her set rolled out of the shop, we delayed the shipment to take photos. Yes, its comfortable too! Thanks Vera. We owe you one.
Helen's Octagonal Terrace Tables
From $1,080 to $5,580
Helen’s Octagonal Terrace Tables are simple, sophisticated, fun, and most importantly, durable. These multipurpose outdoor wood tables are perfect for your terrace, pool, patio, or even an inside piece for your beach or country home.

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Why Forever Redwood?

Each one of our Forever Redwood products, including our Wooden Rectangular Dining Tables, are made extra thick, with 36% more wood per table. They are built to withstand all types of weather, for all climates, and all types of outdoor spaces.

We also offer up to a 30-year warrantee, depending on the make and model. Feel free to call or e-mail us for more info on how to get yours!

We are proud to serve some of the greatest customers in the world

My family and I love the old-growth picnic table we got from you a bit over 6 years ago. The imperfections add to its charm ;) We've shared my days and nights around the picnic table and absolutely love the quality workmanship and sturdiness. The kids use it as their outdoor dining table and craft area, and unsurprisingly, the picnic table has held up well to three active children.

Abe R.
San Clemente, CA

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