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Specialty Tables

Speciality Wood Tables Handcrafted from Redwood

Need something special?

There are lots of needs that call for one of our Specialty Wood Tables, and our large variety of choices from Forever Redwood, can fulfill every one of them.

We have some great, custom made specialty wood tables that can be your living room centerpiece, a meeting table, or even a carpentry or workshop table. If you can think of it, chances are we’ve got it!

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All of our Forever Redwood Specialty Wood Tables are built from 100% restored timber that's built durable, yet poignantly stylish and tasteful. Whether you buy the Redwood Conference Table, Outdoor Table With Built In Grill, or our Wood Surfboard Coffee Table, you're sure to find a unique fit for you and your house. These tables are built by hand, to order, and will last you a lifetime, rain or shine.

Outdoor Table With Built In Grill

Wow your party guests or host the best family BBQs in the neighborhood with our one-of-a-kind Outdoor Table With Built In Grill. This table has it all! You get a solid Redwood table with ample space and dimensions for your outdoor grill to fit right in the middle. It’s safe, convenient, and much more aesthetically pleasing than other metal or cheap synthetic options. 

The Ancient Redwood Epoxy Finish Slab Table

Some salvaged ancient Redwood logs are ridiculously beautiful. We can't cut them into boards. Instead we slabbed them full width to make this extraordinary conference table. It takes weeks of work to do a fine epoxy finish that highlights the grain patterns that took centuries to form, from birdseye and vertical grain to burn marks and fascinating growth rings around ancient knots. We add many coats of epoxy over a two week period to finish off the top and reinforce the slab with a sturdy and simple steel undercarriage that is tied together with a hefty 6x6 Redwood timber. Each of these slab conference tables is unique. We can customize just about any aspect to work for you. Let us know what you're scheming and we'll see if we can be co-conspirators...

Maynard's Hall Tables

Perfect in entryways, bedrooms, hallways or anywhere in your home, our Maynard Hall Table adds a graceful touch to any room.

Super Heavy Duty Workshop Table

The name Super Heavy Duty Workshop Table says it all! Available in just about any size you need.

Vera's Custom Wood Side Table

Our Vera's Side Table is a beautiful addition to your porch, balcony or deck.

Oversized Coffee Table

Our Massive coffee tables are built to stand out with their striking size and fine beauty.

Wood Surfboard Coffee Table

The Surf Side Table is popular among surfers and non-surfers alike. The contrasting natural wood colors and beach going lines create a breezy relaxed getaway at home and beyond...

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