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Redwood Indoor Furniture

Thick-Timber California Redwood for Indoors

Who said that wood furniture’s only useful outdoors? Our Redwood Indoor Furniture line is great for lots of indoor uses, and practically all sizes of homes or businesses.

Having custom-made redwood furniture inside is a great way to bring home your rustic, summer motif, as well as giving you long-lasting usage that won’t fade with time.

Our designs are timeless, and our old-world craftsmanship is unmatched. These Redwood Indoor Furniture pieces are built to last, and are good for decades, even under heavy daily use conditions.

Punta Banda Bunk Beds

Choose a top bunk size then add any size bed equal to it or larger below (Twin, Double, Queen or King).  Easy to customize with added drawers, ladders and special stains to match any decor.

Norma's Dressers

Norma's dressers are an elegant, practical and beautiful addition to any bedroom. Completely customizable to suit your home.

Ari's Little Bench
When you need a small distinctive bench, Ari's Little bench may your ticket.
Privacy Screens

Easy to store and suited for indoor or outdoor use, our privacy screens are versatile, beautiful and very long lasting.

Laundry Hampers

Our elegant hamper stores clothes anywhere you need - adding functionality and style to the bedroom, laundry room or poolside. Fully customizable in size and color.

Poolside Privacy Panels

The Poolside Privacy Panels add elegance to any space. Create privacy and beauty with these versatile long lasting gems.

Wooden Coat Racks

The compact and sturdy Coat Racks is a elegant solution to spruce up an entryway or to hang towels outside next to the spa. 

Bathroom Shelving / Organizer
Add Instant beauty and warmth in the bathroom. Natural wood shelving in the size you need.
The Laurel Storage Benches

A convenient way to add storage space, the Laurel Storage Bench stores toys, pool accessories or just about anything you want to get out of the weather.

Marissa's Adventure Loft

Marissa wanted a fun bed. She also wanted a lot of space to store her stuff. Busy teenager that she is...

Holbrook Storage Bench

A convenient way to add storage space, the Holbrook Storage Bench stores toys, pool accessories or just about anything you want to get out of the weather.

Playhouse Beds

The Playhouse Bed is the ultimate kid's hangout. 

The Skyrah Infinity Crib

Handcrafted transitional crib co-designed by new-mom Charity Tooze. The customizable crib features infinity curves and extra storage. This unique artisan crafted bed is made from sustainably harvested Douglas Fir or Redwood.

The Chest Beds

Need a bed with a ton of storage space and made of beautiful wood? OK, here you go - The Chest Bed!

The Mathieu Heritage Beds

Mr. Mathieu asked for a bed using wide boards of fantastic quality wood with simple lines to focus attention on the wood. Our kind of guy! Hope you agree. 

Backless Wood Bar Stool

Bring the warmth and beauty of natural wood to your indoor or outdoor space. The finely finished traditional bar stools are each made to your specs and built to last.

The Stairway Bunk Sets

The Stairway Bunk Beds were designed for lots of people with lots of stuff. Tons of storage drawers and can be made in any mattress size combination you want!

Jessie's Dressers

Jessie’s dressers are a practical and beautiful addition to any bedroom. They are customizable to suit your needs.

Santi's Dressers

Santi's dresser boasts of large drawers combined with uncomplicated lines and hefty wood construction.  Available in 3 sizes with up to 9 drawers.

Forever Doors

Solid, beautiful fine grain Redwood doors. These garden doors will provide a lovely entrance to your enclosed property but are also handcrafted to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

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