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Wood Gazebo Kits Handcrafted from Redwood

Built to Last a Lifetime

Transform your outdoor space with our beautiful wood Gazebo kits and custom redwood Gazebos for sale online. Our custom wood Gazebo kits add depth and style to your property, and can accommodate you and your guests with comfort and style that is unmatched.

We use the highest quality redwood available, which is weather resistant, and 100% forest restoration lumber. Give us a call at (866) 332 2403 to get started on yours!

Explore Our Large Selection of Gazebo Styles, Sizes, and Options:


All of our wood Gazebo kits are overbuilt, meaning they are durable in nearly any condition, and guaranteed to last for years. There’s no plastic, synthetic sealers, or wood replacements used in our Gazebo kits; only 100%, solid, forest-restored lumber. Every wood Gazebo kit we offer is handmade and offered in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Sun Gazebo with Sliding Doors
From $7,520 to $53,970
Sun-filled space with sliding and removable acrylic window panels on all sides! This long lasting, light infused gazebo even has a skylight that opens for ventilation and more sun!
Octagonal Sunroom Gazebo
From $7,290 to $42,710
The Octagonal-shaped Octagonal Sunroom Gazebo's dramatic design showcases the natural long lasting beauty of Redwood.
DIY Wood Gazebo
From $6,830 to $45,970
Wanna getaway in your own backyard? Need a place to work or play? Our 360 gazebo can be made any size up to 16 ft x 16 ft.
Spa Gazebo Kit
From $6,500 to $47,560
Need a place to create or relax? The Spa Gazebo can be made any size up to 16’ x 16’. All dimensions and details are adjustable so your floorplan can be exactly the way you want.
Dream Gazebos
From $8,990 to $67,200
The Dream Gazebo is our finest. The cupola roof, the finely finished interior walls, the flooring, the shingle roof: The list of detailed craftsmanship doesn't fit in this tiny space!
Don's Hexagonal Gazebo Kit
From $9,460 to $41,620
The Don made us a design that we couldn’t refuse. His hexagonal gazebo combines a two-tiered roof and curved corner windows for maximum visibility and exceptional interior lighting.
Kikue's Tea House
From $6,830 to $53,805
Yes! A real traditional Japanese Tea House! The gorgeous, supremely flexible design takes you from complete privacy to a sun-filled open pavilion in seconds.
Kid's Backyard Cabin
From $6,480 to $50,840
The Kid's Backyard Cabin was initially designed for kids, but we know many adults are cheating and keeping it for themselves too! You can build it any size up to 16' x 16' and customize it to your hearts desire. What's not to like?
Lattice Gazebo
From $4,170 to $23,240
The Lattice Gazebo is a simple yet elegant enclosure that provides privacy and shade anywhere.

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Why Forever Redwood?

Why choose Forever Redwood? It’s simple. Our wood Gazebo kits are the most decay-resistant on the market today. Our company uses a sustainable forestry model to make sure the lumber we use makes a positive impact on the environment; not a negative one.

Each redwood Gazebo kit you order is built up to 36% thicker than wood Gazebo kits made from traditional lumber. We can send your kit to be assembled simply by yourself, or we can send an assembly team to do it for you. Most importantly, your wood gazebo kit is guaranteed for up to 30 years.

We are proud to serve some of the greatest customers in the world

Wow. Beautiful, just stunning. It really is a work of art. It’s gorgeous.

Judy M.
San Diego, CA

Knowing that I could have something made to custom measurements made me willing to commit to buying from you rather than continuing to search for what I needed elsewhere.

Myrna L
San Leandro, CA

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