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Specialty Planters

Specialty Wooden Planters

Can I get a bench between two planters?

If you’ve got a special need, a unique space, or a unique space, then you’re bound to fine something you love with these Specialty Wooden Planters.

Showcase your plants in style, with multifunctional designs, sturdy redwood builds, and gorgeous craftsmanship, all with the reliability and quality guarantee from Forever Redwood.

Each type of Specialty Wooden Planter comes with a variety of individual customization options, and can be tailor made to fit your wants/needs. Click the links below for more!

Explore Our Large Selection of Planters Styles, Sizes, and Options

Whether it's our thick timbered Bench and Planters Combo, or our Forever Corners Planter, we offer you a new spin on traditional wooden planters. The Bench and Planters Combo matches a sturdy hardwood bench with big square planters on each end to add flowers, shrubs or succulents to. Our Forever Corners Planter wraps around your wall or porch corner to provide a unique way to utilize your planting space. Both are available with a number of custom options, and both are guaranteed to last for a lifetime, rain or shine.

Versailles Planter
Handcrafted from gorgeous California Redwood and steel, our Versailles Planters will transform your landscape, showcasing your blooms, bushes or trees for a lifetime. Designed to open from the sides for easy transplanting, they are perfect for elevated gardens on rooftops or terraces!
Bench and Planters Combo

A customer favorite. This durable beautifully contoured bench and planter combination is perfect for both public areas and for that special spot in the yard.

Forever Corner Planters

I need a planter for the corner. We have a planter for that corner! A favorite of landscape architects for its design possibilities, the Forever Corner Planter has been shipped for balconies,terraces, porches as well as the corner of many yards and a few rooftops!

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