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Add a touch of Redwood's natural beauty 

Your bedroom and you deserve the best when it comes to style and comfort, which is why these handmade pieces of Redwood Bedroom Furniture are going to make you smile.

We’ve got lots of bedroom furniture to choose from, and each piece is made specifically with you in mind.

They’re durable, versatile, and can be customized to fit any space requirements, and practically any budget. Click through our six indoor Redwood Bedroom Furniture options below, and find yours today!

Explore Our Best Selling Selection of Bed & Bath Styles, Sizes, And Custom Options:


There’s a lot to choose from here, and many ways to order that make your new Redwood Bedroom Furniture unique to you. Whether it’s the Lighthouse Wooden Shower Bench, Punta Banda Bunk Beds, The Chest Beds, Norma’s Dressers, Laundry Hampers, and our cool Playhouse Beds for kids, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out all of our great products, and click on each link to customize and process your order.

Lighthouse Wooden Shower Bench
Nothing compares to a wooden bench for your sauna, shower, or changing area. Unlike plastic, our beautiful woods are renewable, long lasting and environmentally friendly.
Punta Banda Bunk Beds
Choose a top bunk size then add any size bed equal to it or larger below (Twin, Double, Queen or King). Then select the options to make a bunk bed that works best for your room and needs.
The Chest Beds
Need a bed with a ton of storage space and made of beautiful wood? OK, here you go - The Chest Bed!
Norma's Dressers
Norma's dressers are an elegant, practical and beautiful addition to any bedroom. Completely customizable to suit your home.
Laundry Hampers
Our elegant hamper stores clothes anywhere you need - adding functionality and style to the bedroom, laundry room or poolside. Fully customizable in size and color.
Playhouse Beds
OK, how about a bed that doubles as a playhouse and has a slide?
The Skyrah Infinity Crib
Handcrafted crib features infinity curves and extra storage. This unique artisan crafted bed is made from sustainably harvested Douglas-Fir or Redwood.

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