Outdoor Furniture

Wooden Planter Boxes Redwood

Built to Last in 100% California Redwood

Give your home, garden, park, or business a great natural look with these handcrafted Wooden Planter Boxes made out of Redwood.

Your plants will look stunning in these natural redwood boxes, designed to blend in perfectly with their natural surroundings, and keep their look/structure for many years to come.

We’ve got a number of versatile, beautiful boxes to choose from, and there’s a size (and price) for every shopper, and every budget.


There are 17 unique Wooden Planter Boxes to choose from, each with their own style, special build, and price. Every box is made individually by hand, and designed to be decay and weather resistant, guaranteeing a long life of use, rain or shine. Forever Redwood exclusively uses California restoration forestry timber, which has minimal impact on the environment. It’s also naturally resistant to decay, and will show little structural and aesthetic signs of age over time.

Napa Planters
Available in 132 sizes
From $260 to $9,870
Carmel Box Planters
Available in 128 sizes
From $200 to $1,920
Sonoma Finial Planters
Available in 132 sizes
From $310 to $12,090
Mendocino Planters
Available in 132 sizes
From $310 to $12,090
Soleil Planters
Available in 132 sizes
From $340 to $12,520
Tapered Planters
Available in 5 sizes
From $290 to $979
Vase Planters
Available in 4 sizes
From $430 to $1,200
Parquet Planters
Available in 120 sizes
From $330 to $7,760
Sonoma Planters
Available in 132 sizes
From $310 to $12,110
The Half Barrel Planters
Available in 1 size
From $890 to $1,680
Window Box Planters
Available in 64 sizes
From $160 to $1,610
Bench and Planters Combo
Available in 135 sizes
From $1,110 to $3,680
Forever Corner Planters
Available in 12 sizes
From $1,020 to $3,840
Bonsai Planters
Available in 3 sizes
From $240 to $620
Eli's Redwood Potting Bench
Available in 4 sizes
From $1,390 to $4,629
Trellises for Planters
Available in 19 sizes
From $180 to $1,090
Wooden Water Trays
Available in 13 sizes
From $100 to $750


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