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Wooden Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating Options Built to Outlast Us All!

Choosing the right Wooden Outdoor Seating is important, whether for your home, park, school, or business. At Forever Redwood, we have lots of great options in all types of styles, sizes, and budgets.

Large or small, folding, or solid shaped, you can pick the perfect Wooden Outdoor Seating set to suit you. Each one is built by hand, and fully customized to order. Simply pick what you want, and have us build it just for you!

Lighthouse Garden Bench

The simple yet elegant Lighthouse Bench is very popular both indoors or outdoors. From a changing room to a garden setting, from a sauna to a museum hallway...

The Dawn Bench
When you need some sunlight in your life, the Dawn Bench may be your ticket to ride.
Redwood Adirondack Chair

In style, craftsmanship, beauty and comfort, our Adirondack Chairs lead the market. They are proof that you can have beauty and durability!

Ari's Little Bench
When you need a small distinctive bench, Ari's Little bench may your ticket.
Laila's Storage Spa Step
Steps and Storage can make happy bedfellows indeed!
The Museum Bench
You don't have to be looking at a great master's work to own your own Museum Bench.
The Presidential Bench

This bench is only available in one size (5ft), but can be customized to include a comfortable seat cushion, stain/finish, and a personal engraving. We make The Presidential Bench with the best, beautiful California Redwood, harvested exclusively from restoration forestry practices. This bench is perfect for a university campus, library, business, or even the outdoor space at your home. Its beautiful overbuilt, heavy structure is matched only by its gorgeous exterior design.

Ti Amo Benches

A customer favorite. This durable, beautifully contoured bench is perfect for public parks and families who want a bench to last generations.

Ensenada Wood Easy Chair

The name says it all - our Ensenada Easy Chairs are the perfect place to relax! Read a book, knit, or chat with friends in comfort and style!

Sol Redwood Patio Lounger

The Sol Lounger is a wonderful complement to any pool or patio area with its stylish leg design. Its also lighter and less expensive than many of our other models. If you are looking for elegant simplicity, the Sol Lounger is for you.

Hennell Wooden Garden Bench

Add warmth and some old-fashioned wooden charm to your yard with a traditional Hennell Bench.

The Laurel Storage Benches

A convenient way to add storage space, the Laurel Storage Bench stores toys, pool accessories or just about anything you want to get out of the weather.

Wood Pool Lounger

At half the weight and nearly half the price of some of our other loungers, the Pool Lounger is a great choice for cost-conscious customers. But don't let that fool you. These are 100% solid-wood, sturdily constructed loungers that will endure for decades in any climate. Definitely a smart and attractive addition to any pool or terrace area.

Holbrook Storage Bench

A convenient way to add storage space, the Holbrook Storage Bench stores toys, pool accessories or just about anything you want to get out of the weather.

Adirondack Wooden Loveseat

What could be better than an Adirondack Chair? An Adirondack Loveseat for two!

VA Wooden Bench

Designed and built by veterans groups going back to WWI, this bench is a beautiful way to remember those who fought for our country.

Bench and Planters Combo

A customer favorite. This durable beautifully contoured bench and planter combination is perfect for both public areas and for that special spot in the yard.

Backless Wood Bar Stool

Bring the warmth and beauty of natural wood to your indoor or outdoor space. The finely finished traditional bar stools are each made to your specs and built to last.

Classic Wooden Picnic Bench

A traditional picnic bench is always welcomed for outdoor dining with friends and family.

Eli's Redwood Potting Bench

The popular Eli`s Potting bench is a beautiful combination of form and functionality. Better yet, its completely customizable to suit your needs!

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