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Garden Pergola Kits from Forever Redwood are as versatile as they are beautiful. We make Pergola Kits in a number of styles, with intricately individual designs and spatial flexibility that is second to none.

There truly is something for everyone when it comes to our wide selection of Garden Pergola Kits. From Arched Pergolas, Attached Pergola Kits, and Marin Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas, we can offer a diverse range of outdoor kits to meet even the strictest demands.

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Explore Our Comprehensive Selection of Pergola Styles, Sizes, and Custom Options


All of our products, including the ones listed here, are made with sustainability in mind. As we deal with lumber as a business, we build all of our products with only restorable forestry wood. This means that not only will you be buying quality, but you will also make a minimum impact on the environment when you shop Redwood Garden Pergola Kits. They are weather resistant, built with strong supports of steel and wood, and can be assembled by hand in little to no time.

Arched Pergola Kits
From $4,230 to $90,305
The Arched Pergola is our best selling Pergola. It is easy to fall in love with the soft, graceful lines, but the Arched Pergola also features a flexible design that we can build in just about any size.
Modern Louvered Garden Pergola
From $6,720 to $93,925
The Modern Louvered Garden Pergola are as versatile and durable as they are gorgeous. Beautifully cut and framed wood adorns every inch of our Modern Louvered Garden Pergolas, with no flimsy plastics or synthetics used in any part of their construction. Plus, we only use restoration forestry wood, guaranteeing a positive environmental impact in every product we make.
Retractable Canopy Pergola
From $4,300 to $33,295
The Forever Redwood Retractable Canopy Pergola is an excellent shade solution. You can build the lovely modern pergola structure any size you need and with our partnership with Infinity Canopy's retractable shade systems you can adjust the amount of shade you need in seconds.
Wooden Garden Pergolas
From $3,640 to $73,395
Wooden Garden Pergolas go back to pre-Roman times. These beautiful, thick-timbered pergolas are built to last for decades in any weather with minimal maintenance. They create the perfect spot for lounging, dining, and relaxation in any yard.
Sebastopol Pergolas
From $7,450 to $167,905
Sebastopol Pergola is a variation on our best selling Arched Pergola. Its graceful flexible design can be built in almost any size and configuration imaginable. The natural beauty of this stylish Sebastopol Pergola will shelter your gatherings for years to come.
The Silverado Modern Pergola
From $6,930 to $119,665
The Silverado is the most clean cut kid on the block. No sideburns, no mustache, nothing but straight shooting and to the point. A true modern pergola design that allows plenty of sunlight yet is an open airy design with great visibility. Yes, you can have it any size you like.
The Montvale Pergolas
From $6,070 to $63,885
The Montvale Pergolas is one of our finest and most overbuilt designs. It is built by making deep cross notches to achieve the bold intersecting timber lines that make it a distinctive unique shade structure.
Cherry Hill Outdoor Pergola Kit
From $4,830 to $59,915
What began as a custom job for a customer in Cherry Hill, NJ has become a best-seller. Note the elegant grid roof and the curved braces coming down to the main posts. This is a very special pergola design for discerning customers.
Custom Wooden Pergola
From $6,720 to $102,315
Whether you choose an Arched Pergola, Lattice Pergola, Attached Pergola, or an Outdoor Pergola Kit for your park, we have something to fit your needs. They are made exclusively from restoration forestry timber, so you can rest easy that your impact to the environment will be minimal. Construction is done by us, so you can put together your Custom Pergola Kit yourself, with easy to assemble pieces, and no serious tools necessary.
Custom Wooden Fat Timber Pergola
From $8,500 to $107,575
There’s nothing quite like our Custom Wooden Fat Timber Pergola, and we’re not ashamed to say so. They are versatile, elegant, sturdy, and intricately made by hand.
Viking Pergola DIY Kits
From $5,120 to $63,675
The Viking Pergola DIY Kits was born from a yearning for the old country. It developed from several custom projects combining a strong thick timber build with lots of shade and a soft arching geometry. It is a flexible design you can build in just about any size and height you need.
Arched Open Sky Pergolas
From $4,380 to $81,675
The natural beauty of this stylish Arched Open Sky Pergola will shelter your gatherings for years to come. Create a great room, dine outdoors, or just lounge by the pool under one of these handcrafted Pergolas.
Attached Garden Pergolas
From $2,880 to $69,155
Create a beautiful transition from indoors to outdoors. Any of our pergola designs can be sized to seamlessly attach to your home. We take extra care to ensure a secure fit with any existing structure.
Attached Arched Pergola Kits
From $3,820 to $67,195
The Attached Arched Pergola is our best selling Pergola. It is easy to fall in love with the soft graceful lines, but the Attached Arched Pergola kit is also a flexible design you can build in almost any size and configuration imaginable.
Small Pergola Kits
From $1,750 to $11,775
A little pergola can go a long way. Let our Small Pergola Kits add the perfect touch to your yard, patio, or poolside. These pergolas are less than 100 sq. ft., and can be free-standing or attached to your home or other structure.
Marin Outdoor Kitchen Pergola
From $3,710 to $43,745
Our lovely Marin Outdoor Kitchen Pergola add natural beauty to any outdoor room - whether it's outdoor dining, pool lounging, or creating an outdoor retreat.
Fan Shaped Corner Pergola Kit
From $3,650 to $49,905
Want a Pergola with stylish lines and curves? Look no further than our Fan Shaped Corner Pergola Kit. Available in any size you need.
The Round Pergola
From $3,450 to $27,385
The Round Pergola is a lovely wooden that will adorn your yard for decades. Yes, we can build it any size you want!.
The Wooden Dome Pergola
From $5,450 to $107,485
The Dome Pergola takes your breath away. It is the instant centerpiece of any landscape. Its meticulously handcrafted finely finished wood adorns every inch of the structure. Built using extreme resistant California Redwood, it is a wooden temple that will adorn your landscape for decades.

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