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Redwood Gliders & Swings

I want it made from wood and I do not want to ever replace it.

We’re all about outdoor fun, rugged builds, and an incomparably classic country style with our Redwood Gliders & Swings from Forever Redwood.

These gliders and swings are great for parties, entertaining the kids in the family, or taking a load off and swinging back and forth with a great book.

We have a huge selection to choose from, for practically any budget, and every size and style need. Swing into summer (or any season) with one of these great, handcrafted, redwood products. Click below to see more.

The Summerbreeze Swing Sets

The Summer Breeze Swing Set has a name that says it all. For your garden or your front porch, it is built for swinging with your family and friends for decades.

St. Anthony's Face to Face Gliders

Our St. Anthony`s Face to Face Glider Swing is our best swing. This delightful glider swing is powered by riders' feet effortlessly and glides along while never creaking. It is a named after its original designer, Anthony Gallo.

Bench Swing Sets

With our picturesque Garden Bench Swing Set relax and swing wherever you wish - on the beach, in your garden or on your front porch. It's sturdy stand alone design and long lasting materials will let you swing with your family and friends for decades.

Bench Swings (Seats Only)

Hang our Garden Bench swing under a big oak tree or from a porch rafter, break out the margaritas, and enjoy the sunset.

Dustin's Face to Face Gliders

Dustin's Face-to-Face Swing is a traditional foot powered glider that is built to give you decades of gliding delight.

Jean's Ultimate Swing Sets

Every once in a while, we get a special call to design and build a work of art. We took nearly half a year to design and build this gorgeous swing. We think the name says everything about it: Jean's Ultimate Swing Set. Hope you agree.

Toddler Swing Seats

The Toddler Swing Seat is a beautiful traditional all wooden swing seat built with a fixed safety bar and belt to keep the kids swinging and you worry free.

Rory's Giant Playground Swing Sets

Our Rory's Giant Swing Set is our largest Swing Set option with the perfect combination of strength, durability, and beauty that will last from one generation to the next.

Santa Rosa Face to Face Gliders

The Santa Rosa Face to Face Glider Swing gives you plenty of room to relax with your family. This delightful sturdy swing is powered by riders' feet and is built to last decades.

Rory's Big Playground Swing Sets

Kid tested and approved, our Rory`s Swing sets are for kids of all ages.

Rory's Armchair Swing Sets

Our Rory's Armchair Swing set is a full armchair or bench swing. It was designed with a very sturdy and tall frame to allow you to really get into the swing of things.

Armchair Swings (Seats Only)

Our Chair Swing Seat with a little hardware is all you need to be swinging under your own tree or porch. Relax and enjoy with a tall glass of lemonade and imagine yourself swinging for decades to come with this finely made swing.

Disk Swing Seats

Simple Classic Swinging Fun! Our Disk Swing Seat allows you to place a swing almost anywhere. Just add a rope and get swinging!

Rory's Swing Seats

If you just need a seat to make your own wooden swing seat, the Rory's Swing seat works great with rope from your local hardware store...

Chair Swing Sets

Don't have a tree or porch for your swing? No worries! Our garden chair swing set is designed complete with an optional roof if you want it to be weatherproof too. Overbuilt to guarantee years of comfort and relaxation.

Jhoola Day Bed Swing Sets

The Jhoola's Day Bed Swing can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. A traditional swing from India, the Jhoola is intended to be used as a swinging day bed basically. Add some pillows and a cushion and enjoy the afternoon. Jhoola's Swing can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

The Porter Thayer Glider

Want the look of an armchair or bench with the comfort of a glider. Look no further than the Porter Thayer Glider!

Adirondack Chain Gliders

Enjoy the comfort of a stationary Adirondack Bench with the soothing motion of a glider. Our thick timbered gliders are quality built to last through decades of precious moments with your family.

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