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Small Planters

Small Wooden Planters

Would you like wood, concrete or plastic?

Good things often come in small sizes, and when you see our selection of Small Wooden Planters, you’ll know why. Our pint-sized planters are perfect for boxed flowers and small succulents.

They’re built extra thick, and meant to handle lots of weight and weather exposure, that’s pretty much unmatched for anything their size. Not only are they functional, but they’re also beautiful, and have a great dark redwood look that is perfect for the side of your home or garden.

Explore Our Large Selection of Planters Styles, Sizes, and Options

There are two main styles to choose from, each with their own look and appeal. The Carmel Box Planter is made for small gardens, entranceways, or decorating the patio with beautiful flowers, held in a beautiful box. The Windows Box Planter is made for hanging your flowers outside, with a smooth look, and tough build that should blend well with your home's exterior. Click on either of these planters to see our custom options, and process your order in just a few clicks.

Carmel Box Planters

Designed initially for a beautiful hotel in Carmel, California, these carefully handcrafted boxes will add a unique touch to your window or wall garden.

Window Box Planters

Bring the garden to you with our beautiful handcrafted window planter boxes. Your blooms, bushes or trees will come to life in these warm simple designs for years to come.

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