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Face to Face Gliders

Face To Face Gliders

A special place to hang out and glide away the day

Reconnect with friends and family, and have fun doing it with our Face-to-Face Gliders, exclusively from Forever Redwood. Imagine the intimacy of a pair of front facing benches, combined with the fun and relaxation of a gentle moving redwood swing.

All of our handmade redwood Face-to-Face Gliders are designed to be super durable, and used for many years, regardless of natural climate conditions, or serious daily usage.

Check out all the gliders we have available for you, and click the links below to find out more.


Explore Our Large Selection of Swings & Gliders Styles, Sizes, and Options

Pick between Dustin's Face-to-Face Gliders, Jean's Ultimate Swing Sets, St. Anthony's Face-to-Face Gliders, or our Santa Rosa Face-to-Face Gliders. Each glider is unique, yet all have equal quality builds, and are made exclusively with decay resistant, long lasting, restoration forestry timber. Click on the glider type you'd like and search through our many custom build and style options. Every item is guaranteed to last for decades, and will be tailor made just for you.

St. Anthony's Face to Face Gliders

Our St. Anthony`s Face to Face Glider Swing is our best swing. This delightful glider swing is powered by riders' feet effortlessly and glides along while never creaking. It is a named after its original designer, Anthony Gallo.

Dustin's Face to Face Gliders

Dustin's Face-to-Face Swing is a traditional foot powered glider that is built to give you decades of gliding delight.

Jean's Ultimate Swing Sets

Every once in a while, we get a special call to design and build a work of art. We took nearly half a year to design and build this gorgeous swing. We think the name says everything about it: Jean's Ultimate Swing Set. Hope you agree.

Santa Rosa Face to Face Gliders

The Santa Rosa Face to Face Glider Swing gives you plenty of room to relax with your family. This delightful sturdy swing is powered by riders' feet and is built to last decades.

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