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Our Guarantee To You

Regardless of weather conditions, every item on our website, whether a shade structure or a furniture piece, is guaranteed against wood decay for 10 to 30 years (depending on wood grade). Douglas-fir and Mosaic Eco-Wood have 10-year warranties. Redwood 15 years, Mature Redwood  20 years and Old-Growth Redwood has a 30-year warranty. Click here for more about our Wood Grades

No outdoor wood product manufacturer has warranties like this. We can do this because of the quality and quantity of wood used in our "Forever" products. In the unlikely event any part of your wood furniture becomes soft before the warranty period expires, contact us and we will send replacement parts (or a new item if necessary) at no cost.

Any Shipping or Fulfillment Errors are quickly corrected. If your order shipped incorrectly or was partially lost or damaged in transit, please do not reject any packages being delivered (because it will delay identifying the items to be replaced). For fastest service, please assemble the item and email us a couple photos so we can identify the issue and ship replacement parts (or the complete item if necessary) at no cost.

Other than a fulfillment error, if you receive an item you are unhappy with contact us. While we cannot take back the original item, we will work with you to make a new item or parts at no cost or at a significantly reduced cost (depending on the issue). We will take any reasonable steps necessary to ensure your purchase meets your expectations. 

During or after the warranty period, Forever Redwood will stand behind your purchase. You never have to throw out a piece of Forever Furniture because we stand behind our work with replacement parts. If a part is damaged for any reason, (for example your puppy chews the leg of your furniture), send a couple photos so we can id the part (s) and we'll email a reasonable quote to replace them. 

Small checks/cracks are not covered by the warranty. Wood moves when left outside due to the constant changes in temperature and moisture. Some small cracks are an occasional but natural development of being outside over the years. Although not recommend, if you ever want to replace a lightly checked or cracked piece, contact us and we'll ship out a new part at a reasonable cost.

Cancellation and Return Policies: Cancellation requests are accepted via email or phone prior to your order going into production. Most orders go into production 3 weeks prior to the shipping timeline you chose at checkout. Due to the nature of our product line, we cannot process refunds once an order has gone into production because even our standard production items are hand-made with custom details (wood grade, finish, size variations and many other options) which make them difficult to resell. We are always available to re-design/resize or change your initial order as needed while it is still in the shop. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and will do all we can to exceed your quality expectations if you are unhappy with your order for any reason.

Pergolas and Custom Orders:  Custom wood working is labor intensive and detail oriented. If your order is a special design or size or is not a standard production piece, we will email detailed shop drawings prior to building to make sure we get your feedback and have all your ideas the way you want them.  If you place a Pergola order of any size, we will email drawings to you within 3 business days and we will not begin to build your Pergola until you approve your drawings.  We offer a $2,000 drawing deposit option for Pergola customers that prefer to first get the drawing process done before going ahead with the full order. We understand Pergola orders are a substantial investment and the drawing process is an excellent way to get all the details worked out ahead of time without tying up much cash. The drawing deposit comes off the balance when you sign off on the drawings and proceed with the order. If you'd like to place your Pergola order with an initial $2,000 drawing deposit, please contact us.

Please note that once we have prepared shop drawings for a Pergola order, we cannot accept a cancellation with a full refund. We incur substantial designing time costs and often also credit card processing fees when the order is placed. If a Pergola order is cancelled after design work is completed but prior to being placed in production, there is a $2,000 drawing fee charged plus a 3% fee to reimburse Forever Redwood for credit card processing fees if the order was paid by credit card.

We have always been willing to custom build or custom size our customer requests. Over the years, many of these custom orders have generated some of our most cherished standard production items on our site. 

Your purchase funds our "hands-on" forest restoration work in the Redwoods of Northern California (Annapolis, CA).

Thank you for considering us. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Raul F. Hernandez, CEO  Forever Redwood  33710 Annapolis Rd.  Annapolis, CA  95412   866 332 2403 (toll-free)

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