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Garden Smart TV

Runtime: 11:52

This interview with Forever Redwood CEO: "Raul Hernandez". Was Filmed in Atlanta on September 20th, 2021. It is part of an episode for the Garden Smart TV program to be aired on PBS in April 2022

Filmed in September 2021

Forever Redwood & Garden Smart TV (2/2)

Forever Redwood & Garden Smart TV: Pavilions, Pergolas and Forest Restoration This interview with Forever Redwood CEO: "Raul Hernandez". Was Filmed in Atlanta on September 20th, 2021. It is part of an episode for the Garden Smart TV program to be aired on PBS in April 2022

“Wow. I’m impressed!" A few words from our customers

We work closely with our customers to bring their vision of the perfect outdoor space to life. But don't take our word for it. Watch the video to learn what folks have said about their Forever Redwood experience.

2021 Woodworking Shop Tour

See each part of the 40,000 sf shop in action. Learn how each project is designed, engineered and built. From old fashioned high end carpentry work to stainless steel welding and recycling for packaging and crating, learn how Forever Redwood builds each order to the highest standards.

A 5-Star Experience With An Attached Garden Pergola

Siddique Abbasi of Newbury Park, CA envisioned a shade solution that would maximize a specific area of his backyard. When he came across Forever Redwood online, he says “It felt like fate!” Watch the video to learn why Siddique calls the process of working with Forever Redwood “a true 5-star experience.” You’ll also hear him reflect on a critical factor in choosing the Attached Garden Pergola—responsibly sourced lumber paired with beautiful design.

A Custom Gazebo On Par With A Championship Golf Course

While researching designs for a starter station for the Saticoy Club's championship golf course in Somis, CA, Manager Robert Nabelberg zeroed in on three high-priority requirements: 1. The design had to be elegant and unique so as to integrate with the spectacular setting and caliber of the course. 2. The structure needed 360-degree visibility to support the lookout function of a starter station. 3. The construction had to withstand the area's intense Santa Ana winds. Watch the video to learn how a custom Octagonal Sunroom Gazebo from Forever Redwood solved all three of these requirements. You'll also hear why Robert, initially skeptical about the gazebo's ability to withstand high winds, is now a believer.

A Custom Pergola Project by Forever Redwood

A few words from our customers...

A Tale of Two Porch Pavilions.

How a wide open backyard was trasnformed with two covered areas that complement one another. -The Backyard Porch Pavilion shown in a 8ft x 8ft size. -The del Norte Porch Pavilion shown in a 16ft x 12ft size. Each porch pavilion project is customized to fit your home. Call or email us anytime to get the ball rolling on your instant porch addition.

Angel's Trellis Swing

The Edwards of Ft. Worth, TX wanted the ultimate swing set to fit snugly within a window framing. They wanted a big timber trellis to hold the swing bench. They also added a clear roof atop it to allow some sunlight in but keep the rain out. In this 3 minute video, Catherine & Tom talk about the process of working with us to design it just right and get the swing of their dream's made.

Arched Pergola with Louver Privacy Panels

Our pergolas and pavilions can be made in just about any size and style imaginable, with just about any option. This video shows one our beautiful arched pergolas with a louver option, for maximum privacy. From design to installation, we'll walk you through the process. Learn more at

Attached Arched Pergola Kits

The natural beauty of this stylish arched pergola will shelter your gatherings for years to come. Create a great room, dine outdoors, or just lounge by the pool under one of these handcrafted Pergolas. They can be built any size and we can customize any detail you need to make it your own.

Benefits of our Restoration Forestry work

This video highlights the benefits of our forest restoration work. Filmed in 2021 on a 41 acre parcel with some interesting past history, the video shows some stark before and after footage.

Care and Finish – Refinishing your furniture

Forever Redwood furniture is built to last decades in any climate. But, after a few years in the year-round weather, the surface finish will fade and it will not look as sharp as it once did. The wood may dry out some and develop a few surface checks. But, underneath, the wood is still perfect and this video will show you how a weekend project can make any Forever Redwood piece that has been out for years look like the day you first took it out of the box again.

Carpinteria Garden Park

Forever Redwood chosen to build Shade Structures, Benches and Gates for City of Carpinteria's new Garden Park.

Create a Waterfall Pergola Pool Oasis in 3 minutes

Crowd Funding Presentation 2021

November 2021 Zoom Call recording with Forever Redwood CEO Raul Hernandez: Reeves Canyon 480 acre Redwood forest crowdfunding presentation and question and answer session.

Custom Designed Patio Furniture and Shade Structures with White Glove Installation

Watch a gorgeous custom-designed Forever Redwood Pavilion go up, while you learn more about our White Glove design and installation services.

Del Rio Cathedral Ceiling Thick Timber Pavilion

Cooking and entertaining outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures. A beautiful Del Rio Cathedral Ceiling Thick Timber Pavilion is a great way to bring the forest to your backyard. Entertain your guests or family for decades to come with this truly awe inspiring design.

Doing Forest Restoration

Can you cut trees while still doing Restoration Forestry? Yes, it actually helps to do so. This short 2 minute video explains.

Dome Pergola

Fan Shaped Corner Pergola Kit

Memorial Park. Carpinteria, CA

Forest Restoration explained in 3 minutes

A talk in the woods with founder Raul Hernandez, Forever Redwood CEO

Forever Redwood Facts

Foreverredwood Tables When people see our custom-made Outdoor Redwood Tables and Patio Furniture, they immediately see the care, quality, and expert design that we put into creating each and every one of them. Our Redwood Patio Furniture is second to none and when it comes to tables, we truly have something for everyone. We have a variety of durable, multi-purpose wooden tables that can be customized to fit your needs, and hand-made by us to last a lifetime.

Interview with FR founder, Raul Hernandez

What's the real story behind Forever Redwood furniture? How can your purchase of furniture save priceless forestland? Meet Raul Hernandez and his eco-co-conspirators, and learn the connection between their beautiful hand-manufactured redwood furniture and the effort to restore forestland to Old-Growth again -- not only restoring the ancient grandeur of Mother Nature, but also preventing forest fires and fighting global warming.

Last Forever Would you pay a bit more for an outdoor wood structure or furniture that will last two or three decades or more? This video highlights how we try to live up to our name Forever Redwood with glimpses into all our production and support services to make it happen behind the scenes.


Modern Louvered Garden Pergola

Mosaic Eco-Wood Pergola

Mosaic Wood Granada Pavilion

Interview with Mr. Kevin Lowe discussing his experience with a 20' x 15' Granada Pavilion project with Forever Redwood. Mr. Lowe discusses the process from design to installation and shows off his magnificent Mosaic wood beauty in this 4 minute video.

Nov 2018 - Woodworking Shop

A 5-minute tour of Forever Redwood’s woodworking shop with Raul Hernandez Founder and CEO.

Pergola and Pavilion Combo

Consider an attached pergola with your Pavilion. Sometimes you have a mixed use planned for your outdoor gathering area and you don't need a waterproof solution to cover the entire space.

Restoration Forestry & Becoming a Conservation-Investor: Q&A

Raul Hernandez, Founder and CEO, hosted a live Q&A Jan. 2019 for folks interested in becoming a conservation-investor in a restoration forestry project.

Restoration Forestry Field Notes

A conversation with RPF Mr. Tim Metz filmed at the Sanctuary Forest in Whitethorn, CA 9/12/16. Mr. Metz covers all the main issues involved in practicing truly restorative forestry.

Restoration Forestry Practices

In our 8-Minute video, you'll see: - Dramatic before and after footage of initial restoration work - An interview with horse logger Stuart Schroeder introducing his Percherons, Ike and Sparky, as they skid logs - Portable saw milling and our furniture-making operation - Planting, climbing and felling of trees - Interviews with OGA's founders and supporters

Save with Free Shipping (Including Pergolas and Pavilions)

Folks are often amazed that we ship items as large as pergolas and pavilions anywhere in the US, and even internationally. After 25 years in business, we've got it down to a science. We even offer a free shipping option (ships in 15 weeks) for orders within the continental US. Depending on the size of your order, free shipping can save you thousands, allowing you to invest more in your shade structure.

Small Arched Open Sky Pergolas

Small Arched Pergola Kits

Some Assembly Required (customer video)

Forever Redwood makes hand-crafted patio furniture out of eco-friendly California Redwood. We build and assemble each piece in our custom woodworking shop, then ship it securely for easy reassembly. See how one family turned the assembly of their Round Picnic Table into an afternoon of family fun. Learn more at

Sun Gazebo with Sliding Doors: A Backyard Oasis For All Occasions

Mellow out with this visual meditation of a gorgeous custom Sun Gazebo in California Redwood. The gazebo’s sliding doors allow you to adapt the structure to suit your mood and the needs of the day. Want privacy? Ease the sliding doors closed and cue up your favorite tunes or dive in to a creative project. Hosting an outdoor party and need extra space? Slide the doors open and a shaded gathering spot appears with extra seating and room for refreshments. Customize your design with a sun roof, tinted or transparent panes, and sliding doors on one or multiple sides.

The Art of Designing & Building Large Custom Redwood Pavilions

Forever Redwood can make wood shade structures of any size. This video shows the design, construction and installation of a 51' x 47' thick timber beauty with a tile roof. Yes, if you can dream it, we can build it.

The Breezy Small Pavilion

The Cardinal's Nest Pavilions

Our largest pavilion to date is this 34’ x 60’ beauty named The Cardinal’s Nest Pavilion. Here she is in several different lighting and weather conditions to show off her willingness to serve day and night and in a snow flurry as well!

The Forever Hot House

The Presidential Bench

When the President of China visited the U.S. last year, the White House turned to Forever Redwood to design and construct a gift bench for him.

The Silverado Modern Pergola

You say you want a Modern looking Shade Structure for your place? Check out the Silverado Modern Pergola. Yes, any size. Yes, we can install it for you anywhere in the U.S.

The Sun Gazebo's Sliding Doors

This in-the-shop video highlights the versatility and ease of use for the sliding door design we use for both the Sun Gazebo and the Kikue's Tea House

The Thick Timber Toledo Wood Pavilions

TV Interview with Forever Redwood Founder

This video aired on KFTY Channel 50 in Sonoma County in August of 2004. In it Raul discusses the difference between "sustainable" and "restoration" forestry, and the importance of restoration forestry practice in preventing wildfires.

Warren Linney Interview

Warren Linney Interview Co-Founder Foreverredwood

Watch a Gorgeous Redwood Pergola Get Assembled in this 2-Minute Video Forever Redwood designs and assembles custom patio furniture and shade structures. The video shows a project in southern California—a handcrafted Arched Pergola with deck, swings and railings made out of eco-friendly California Redwood.

Watch a Huge Custom-Designed Pavilion Go Up in El Paso, Texas

Forever Redwood hand-manufactures large custom-design Pergolas and Pavilions out of eco-friendly California Redwood and Douglas-fir. This video shows a 2015 project for Grace Gardens, El Paso's premier event venue. Forever Redwood both designed and installed the 40' x 30' pavilion. Learn more about our custom extra-large shade structures at

What Makes Forever Redwood Lumber So Special?

Wood quality is the key to beauty and longevity in your outdoor furniture. Forever Redwood specializes in thick, vertical-grain cuts of eco-friendly California Redwood. Learn why this makes all the difference. Visit to learn more.

White Glove Service Nationwide

Why Forever Redwood?

Forever Redwood grew over the decades into the premier manufacturer of outdoor wood products. The 4 minute video talks about its founding, gives you a glimpse into the innards—the forestlands, the founders, the woodworking shop, the carpentry crews in action, some of our recent products and... well, you will just have to see!