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Wood Stools & Steps Handcrafted from Redwood

Can you make it 14 inches tall?

Get a leg up on summer (or any season for that matter) with our wide selection of Wood Stools & Steps, handcrafted from redwood. These carefully designed, overbuilt steps and stools are perfect for getting into the pool, hot tub, sitting at the bar, or having your morning coffee in your kitchen.

With so many options and styles to choose from, you’re going to want one of each! The best part is, no matter which ones you choose, we offer plenty of personalized custom options to make sure it fits just right, and just for you.


Laila's Storage Spa Step
Steps and Storage can make happy bedfellows indeed!
Backless Wood Bar Stool

Bring the warmth and beauty of natural wood to your indoor or outdoor space. The finely finished traditional bar stools are each made to your specs and built to last.

Wooden Spa Step

Designed with your spa or hot tub in mind, our Spa Steps provide a beautiful, practical and safe way to enjoy your spa!

Redwood Cocktail Bar Stool

Choose these beautiful and comfortable Cocktail Bar Stools anytime relaxation is on the menu! Available with optional arm rests and in a variety of heights. Pair them with our lovely Cocktail Tables for an elegant addition to your patio or kitchen.

Small Wooden Foot Stool

Sized between our Mini and Heritage Foot Stools, the Small Foot Stool (15 in length x 11 inch width) provides the perfect boost for you, your children or grandchildren. Its straight-leg design is beautiful and its construction precise to make a useful touch of natural wood for your home.

Circular Wooden Spa Step

Designed with your spa or hot tub in mind, our Circular Spa Steps provide a beautiful, practical and safe way to enjoy your spa!

Captain's Redwood Bar Stool

Our unique Captain's Bar Stool is adapted from a director's-style chair, and boasts both comfort and beauty.

Mini Wooden Foot Stool

Our charming Mini Foot Stool was designed with your smallest guests in mind! The perfect step up for kids, grandkids, or anyone else who needs a little lift.

Tiny Wood Foot Stool

Our Tiny Foot Stools are designed to help encourage good posture and ergonomic seating at your office or home. Of course, they can also be used for a little boost anywhere you might need one.

Heritage Wooden Foot Stool

Our Heritage Foot Stool is the perfect size and height for any type of home use. Flared-leg design makes it incredibly safe and stable, and the warmth of solid Redwood makes it beautiful. Like all our Heritage products this stool only uses the largest planks of our beautiful reclaimed Old Growth Redwood guaranteed to last for 30 years.

Ladderback Wooden Stool

The Traditional Ladderback has joined the Forever Redwood line. Recently built for an Indianapolis, Indiana restaurant, we fell in love and had to add it to the site.

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