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Your kids need a place to sit too, so why not give them both quality and comfort with our awesome Kids’ Redwood Chairs? They’re just as good as their larger counterparts, and built with the same old-world craftsmanship, durable structure, and reliability. They also look great, and have a smooth finish that is easy on the eyes, and soft to the touch. Look at all six of our specialty made Kids’ Redwood Chairs, and click through each one for more custom options available to you.

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We’ve got Folding Chairs, classically styled Adirondack Chairs, the cutest Wooden Rocking Chairs, and even High Chairs and Wooden Benches. Our expert woodworkers meticulously craft every chair with timber taken from California’s best restoration forestry redwood. Whether you want to use in indoors, outdoors, or both, you’ll get decades of solid use out of these quality built children’s furniture products.

Kid's Wooden Adirondack Chair
From $710 to $1,860
A replica of our full-size Adirondack Chair in construction, quality and beauty, our Kids' Adirondacks are also perfectly suited to be proudly displayed anywhere inside or outside your home.
Kid's Wooden Rocking Chair
From $580 to $1,560
This sturdy rocking chair is solid enough for generations of kids and beautiful enough to be placed anywhere in your home.
Kid's Arc Folding Outdoor Wood Bench
From $680 to $1,660
Our folding kids arc bench is not only beautiful, but built to be abused by the little guys...
Kid's Luna Wood Bench
From $890 to $2,440
Give the kids a lovely outdoor (or indoor!) space of their own with these gorgeous benches.
Kid's Wooden Folding Chair
From $400 to $1,170
Need chairs for kids once in a while? Can't stand plastic? Our Kids' Folding Chairs are incredibly durable.lovely and easy to store.
Redwood Restaurant High Chair
From $630 to $1,550
Our Redwood Restaurant High Chair are built with beauty and safety in mind---incredibly sturdy, durable and tip-proof in 100% all-natural wood.

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Why Forever Redwood?

Custom-order your Kids’ Redwood Chairs for size, or to include optional add-ons, and style finishes.

Your order may require minor assembly, but don’t fret, you won’t need any extra tools, or more than a few hours to put everything together.

Get your order shipped direct, anywhere in the Continental US, and don’t hesitate to ask for a special size or style that you may not see here on the site. Contact us now to find out more.

We are proud to serve some of the greatest customers in the world

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your redwood is outstandingly lovely! I have never seen any redwood furniture that comes close to the quality of yours!!!

Dolores M.
Fresno, CA

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