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Looking for an excuse to bring the Forest into your home?

Add that finishing touch to your outdoor/indoor hard wood furniture them with these wonderful Redwood Accessories from Forever Redwood. They compliment virtually any of our long line of redwood furniture products, or can be used on their own, with just as much function. Our Redwood Accessories are versatile, and come in many styles and sizes. Click on each individual category to learn more.


Diversity is key when it comes to accessorizing your house, and you’ll find something for everyone here. Whether you pick our Aviary Oasis Bird Feeders, Chair Cushions, Wishing Wells, or Canine Cottages, you’re going to be pleased with what you find. Every single Redwood Accessory we sell is made by hand, and built using only the finest decay resistant timber available to us, designed to withstand any adverse condition or heavy use. Plus, you can customize it how you like and we’ll build it your way!

Aviary Oasis Bird Feeders
Available in 5 Wood Grade
From $290 to $590
Chair Cushions
Available in 756 sizes
From $100 to $330
Flexible Wood Floor Mats
Available in 15 sizes
From $210 to $1,020
Storage Mini Barns
Available in 75 sizes
From $2,940 to $20,040
Wood Samples
Unique $21
Wishing Wells
Available in 3 sizes
From $880 to $2,990
Forever Foot Bridges
Available in 6 sizes
From $860 to $3,960
Engraved Name Plates
Available in 1 size
From $90 to $180
Umbrella Hole Plugs
Available in 5 Wood Grades
From $21 to $31
Furniture Touch Up Kit
Available in 3 kits
Unique price $21
Alan's Redwood Storage Bench
Available in 5 sizes
From $1,320 to $4,620
Storage Sheds
Available in 147 sizes
From $2,230 to $19,760
The Canine Cottages
Available in 1 size
From $990 to $2,040
Traditional Wooden Storage Bench
Available in 144 sizes
From $780 to $5,199
The Laurel Storage Benches
Available in 72 size
From $780 to $5,199
Bench Cushions
Available in 624 sizes
From $70 to $1,380
Lounger Cushions
Available in 36 sizes
From $470 to $1,350
Recliner Cushions
Available in 2 sizes
From $340 to $380
Stool Cushions
Available in 3 sizes
From $120 to $140
Greg's Bookcases
Available in 150 sizes
From $350 to $3,230
Lighthouse Shelving
Available in 32 sizes
From $390 to $1,660

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