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Redwood Toys

Play and create with our traditional non-toxic wood toys

Unlike toys and games made from plastic, these handmade Redwood Toys are made for a unique childhood play experience, with unmatched quality and durability over time.

There is so much to learn and experience with specialty redwood toys designed specifically for kids.

These are items that will make memories that they will cherish forever, and last long after they’ve grown up. Look at what we’ve got in store just for them!

Explore Our Selection of Toys for Kids Styles, Sizes, and Options


When it comes to Redwood Toys, we set the bar high with quality and hand craftsmanship. Choose from any of our four options, like Redwood Building Blocks, Rocking Horses, Playhouse Beds, and our signature Little Prince Toy Chest. These toys aren’t throwaway fancies, nor will they have to be replaced. These are solid redwood, thick timbered, handcrafted redwood pieces, made to order by our expert builders, and shipped right to you.

Building Blocks
From $60 to $340
Wooden blocks are recommended by child development experts worldwide, since they allow children to make the most of imaginative play.
Playhouse Beds
From $2,880 to $6,930
OK, how about a bed that doubles as a playhouse and has a slide?
Rocking Horses
From $740 to $1,780
Our Rocking Horse is just simple plain fun for kids---nothing more. If you were looking for something more than just plain fun for your kids, we are out of ideas....
The Little Prince Toy Chest
From $1,370 to $3,360
For the Little Prince in your family, a beautiful chest to store his treasures.

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Why Forever Redwood?

We’ll deliver your Redwood Toys anywhere in the Continental United States, and offer a variety of customization options on each and every one.

For some items, assembly is required, but we make it easy with simple directions, and quick setup without heavy tools or a workshop.

Got a question? No problem. Reach out to us via phone or e-mail, and we be happy to help.

We are proud to serve some of the greatest customers in the world

We'll send you some good photos for your website. It's beyond expectations! Well done to your team. My boy is in Bunkbed bliss. Thank you.

Kari H.
Los Angeles, CA

We really appreciate the workmanship and it was a hit Christmas morning.

Carrie M
Annapolis, CA

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