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Redwood Shelving

Hand Crafted Natural Durability

Make the smallest members of your family smile with glee when they see all this great Redwood Kids’ Stuff we have in store for them. Kids need tough furniture, and stuff that will last for years, even after tons of abuse from them.

This is why giving them custom made, thick built redwood furniture is the best decision you’ll make, and one that they’ll remember for their entire childhood. We’ve got a ton of great items for kids available here online. Scroll through all them, and click the links for more.

Explore Our Large Selection of Kid's & Playground Equip Styles, Sizes, and Options

Forever Redwood offers three great Kids Wood Swings for you to choose from. We've got swings for one (Rory's Armchair Swing Set), swings for a couple kids on the playground (Rory's Big Playground Swing Set), and the largest playground swing set available on the market (Rory's Giant Playground Swing Set). All of these swings are overbuilt for safety and stability, and made exclusively from extra thick restoration forestry timber. They're tough under even the heaviest use and weather, and will last for years with practically no upkeep.

Punta Banda Bunk Beds

Choose a top bunk size then add any size bed equal to it or larger below (Twin, Double, Queen or King).  Easy to customize with added drawers, ladders and special stains to match any decor.

Norma's Dressers

Norma's dressers are an elegant, practical and beautiful addition to any bedroom. Completely customizable to suit your home.

Ari's Little Bench
When you need a small distinctive bench, Ari's Little bench may your ticket.
La Playa Sandboxes

Bring the warmth and beauty of natural wood to your yard with these strong finely finished sandboxes!

Sheldon's Monkey Bars

Let your little monkeys go bananas on our Monkey bars set. Expert construction with an emphasis on safety and easy assembly means they will be swinging in no time!

Building Blocks

Our blocks are beautiful 100% natural Redwood, free from harmful chemicals, dyes or paint.  Available in three sizes: 36, 72 or 82 piece sets, plus an optional wooden box in which to store them

Rocking Horses

Our Rocking Horse is just simple plain fun for kids---nothing more. If you were looking for something more than just plain fun for your kids, we are out of ideas....

Toddler Swing Seats

The Toddler Swing Seat is a beautiful traditional all wooden swing seat built with a fixed safety bar and belt to keep the kids swinging and you worry free.

The Little Prince Toy Chest

For the Little Prince in your family, a beautiful chest to store his treasures. Built with safety in mind:

Kid's Backyard Cabin

The first Backyard Cabin was designed for an 8 year old young lady that needed a place to get away from her 3 brothers. A “No boys allowed” sign soon sprung up. The Backyard Cabin is a wonderful retreat for kids of all ages. We recently had a customer order one with the comment: “it will be my stylish doghouse that my wife threatens to send me to!” Any size, any height – custom designed to fit your needs

Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion? Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

Shade Structure Checklist - From Design to Done

Marissa's Adventure Loft

Marissa wanted a fun bed. She also wanted a lot of space to store her stuff. Busy teenager that she is...

Rory's Giant Playground Swing Sets

Our Rory's Giant Swing Set is our largest Swing Set option with the perfect combination of strength, durability, and beauty that will last from one generation to the next.

The Palo Alto Backyard Cabin

The Palo Alto Backyard Cabin is an insulated cabin with double paned windows. Each Palo Alto is a built-to-order beauty that can include skylights, a wrap-around deck or front porch, wooden flooring, partitions for a bathroom and can be prepared for plumbing and electrical to be added after installation. Tell us about your cabin daydreams and we'll work up a plan. We are a fully integrated architecture, engineering, welding and carpentry shop. Attention to detail and custom work is our specialty. Yes, we ship and can also install anywhere. Really.

Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion? Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

Shade Structure Checklist - From Design to Done

Playhouse Beds

The Playhouse Bed is the ultimate kid's hangout. 

Rory's Big Playground Swing Sets

Kid tested and approved, our Rory`s Swing sets are for kids of all ages.

The Skyrah Infinity Crib

Handcrafted transitional crib co-designed by new-mom Charity Tooze. The customizable crib features infinity curves and extra storage. This unique artisan crafted bed is made from sustainably harvested Douglas Fir or Redwood.

Rory's Armchair Swing Sets

Our Rory's Armchair Swing set is a full armchair or bench swing. It was designed with a very sturdy and tall frame to allow you to really get into the swing of things.

The Chest Beds

Need a bed with a ton of storage space and made of beautiful wood? OK, here you go - The Chest Bed!

The Mathieu Heritage Beds

Mr. Mathieu asked for a bed using wide boards of fantastic quality wood with simple lines to focus attention on the wood. Our kind of guy! Hope you agree. 

Disk Swing Seats

Simple Classic Swinging Fun! Our Disk Swing Seat allows you to place a swing almost anywhere. Just add a rope and get swinging!

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