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Your kids put their bedrooms through a lot of stress, which is why parents are going to love our high quality Redwood Bedroom Furniture. These pieces are designed specifically for children, and made to both look great and withstand lots of heavy use.

Our kids’ furniture is so reliable, so dependable, and so well made, that it will last them throughout their entire childhood. Browse through the links below to find your perfect match, and place your order today!

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Finding furniture that is both aesthetically warm and structurally durable is critical when you make an investment in furnishing your kids’ bedrooms. Our Redwood Bedroom Furniture will pass every test your children will throw at it for decades, long after they’ve grown up. We make all of our furniture with one-of-a-kind high quality restoration forestry timber. Each piece is made to order, and contains no glues or cheap plastics. It’s just thick, well finished timber, and stainless steel bolts.

Norma's Dressers
From $1,980 to $4,790
Norma's dressers are an elegant, practical and beautiful addition to any bedroom. Completely customizable to suit your home.
Punta Banda Bunk Beds
From $1,950 to $10,085
Choose a top bunk size then add any size bed equal to it or larger below (Twin, Double, Queen or King). Then select the options to make a bunk bed that works best for your room and needs.
Marissa's Adventure Loft
From $2,480 to $8,290
Marissa wanted a fun bed. She also wanted a lot of space to store her stuff. Busy teenager that she is...
The Skyrah Infinity Crib
From $1,950 to $5,860
Handcrafted crib features infinity curves and extra storage. This unique artisan crafted bed is made from sustainably harvested Douglas-Fir or Redwood.
Playhouse Beds
From $2,880 to $6,930
OK, how about a bed that doubles as a playhouse and has a slide?
The Chest Beds
From $1,680 to $8,090
Need a bed with a ton of storage space and made of beautiful wood? OK, here you go - The Chest Bed!
The Mathieu Heritage Beds
From $1,880 to $3,650
Mr. Mathieu asked for a bed using wide boards of fantastic quality wood with simple lines to focus attention on the wood. Our kind of guy! Hope you agree.
The Stairway Bunk Sets
From $2,450 to $11,515
The Stairway Bunk Beds were designed for lots of people with lots of stuff. Tons of storage drawers and can be made in any mattress size combination you want!
Jessie's Dressers
From $2,250 to $5,910
Jessie’s dressers are a practical and beautiful addition to any bedroom. They are customizable to suit your needs.

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Why Forever Redwood?

Assembly is required on many of our Kids’ Redwood Bedroom Furniture items, but we make it easy with simple instructions, and even simpler parts that snap together with ease.

We will deliver to you anywhere in the Continental US, and can take certain special orders upon request.

Contact us here (or call) to get more info, and feel free to send us any questions or comments.

We are proud to serve some of the greatest customers in the world

Raul, My son LOVES his bed. When I have a chance I will send good pics with the bed dressed.

I understand I have some points and you are having a sale for your slow season. We are on 3/4 acre with lots of trees and want to build a tree house...possibility?

Happy New Year!

Laura J.
Incline Village, NV

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