If you are planning to add a heater, a chandelier, a bug zapper, custom shelving or any special detail, please select at least one base from this option. Once you place your order, your designer will ask you about the specifics of your planned accessory or accessories. They will then draw the accessory and work with you to figure out the best placement under your structure so you can review and refine to make sure it will work perfectly. The bottomline is we don't recommend you leave details like the accessories as an afterthought. You don't want to have to build bases or hide wiring with locally sourced wood that will not match your structure and most importantly, you want to be sure your planned accessories will look right and work functionally and the drawing process is the perfect tool to work all this out. Oftentimes, you have to adjust the height or other detail of the structure to make the planned accessory work right. Don't worry about selecting the right amount of the Accessory bases or shelving options. During design you can add or subtract as many as you need.