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Dear Landscape Pro, 

We know your time is scarce and you do not want to read a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo. We offer a complete support team to get your project from planning to perfect fast:

A Commitment to Sustainability

Substantial Pro discounts

Shortened Lead times

White Glove Design, Engineering and Construction support.

Whether a custom size, a new design or an off-the-shelf product, Forever Redwood has been building premium quality wood products since 1995. We have honed the process to just a few minutes upfront by phone and/or a couple emails to finalize most all orders.


18 years of handcrafting with a team of talented carpenters who can build just about anything we can draw up. Let us know how we can help you. Call or email with any question or project plans. We'll work out a plan of action within a couple minutes to get your project in competent hands and moving forward. 

Thank you,

Raul F. Hernandez, CEO     Forever Redwood   33710 Annapolis Rd. Annapolis, CA  95412     http://www.ForeverRedwood.com   Toll free: 866-332-2403  Fax:  619-374-2462

Your furniture purchase funds our forest restoration work.


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From the Forest, For the Forest since 1995

Letter of Appreciation

Hi Raul, Well I am not going to say too much. I have attached a rough draft of the letter of appreciation and a photo. I also emailed Jesus so that I can put the final draft on HOUZZ.com. Please let me know what you think after your review.


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