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Attribute: Select Garden Pergola Width

To initially layout your pergola, please assume that:

The Pergola is sized according to the size of the roof. Pergola size is not to be confused with the placement of your posts. Posts are typically recessed back 12 inches from the edge of the roof. For example, if you ordered a 18' L x 12' W Pergola, your Pergola's roof will be 18' x 12' while the outside 4 corners of your posts would be at 16' x 10' apart (and for the more technically minded - the on-center measurement would be 15' 6 1/2" x 9' 6 1/2").

More technical details:

Below are two sets of 3 drawings of a 10' x 16' Pergola showing how they can be oriented in either direction (as highlighted by two sets of drawings) at no extra cost. If you do not see the exact roof Length or Width that you'd like, please choose the next largest length or width standard size offered and then enter the exact size you'd like in the comment section. As noted above and shown in the drawings below, the outer edges of the posts are normally recessed back 12 inches from the edge of the Roof. This overhang of 12 inches is what aesthetically seems to be the best proportion to maintain, but, it can be made larger or smaller to meet your needs.

Diference between a pergola of 16ft x 10ft and a pergola of 10ft x 16ft

Pergola 16ft L (Supports) x 10ft W (Rafters)

Pergola 10ft L (Supports) x 16ft W (Rafters)

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