Each step is 11" Depth (D) x 9" Height (H).

The steps are normally fixed at 22" Depth (D) x 18" Height (H) total and come in Lengths (L) of 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48" and 54".

Each step's standard height is 9". To modify step height, just mention it in the comment box at check out. If you'd like a custom length to the steps between the 6 inch increments offered, please choose a standard size that is the next size up (click the add to cart button for the next larger item than the custom size). Then in the comment box in the shopping cart enter the exact length you'd prefer. And, yes, you can customize both the length of the spa step and the individual step heights. If you require a size larger than listed or a spa step with 3 steps instead of 2, please email us for an exact quote.