Build any Forever Redwood item your way quickly:

  • If you know what you want:  Use the Build it Your Way calculator (right of main photo) to choose your options from the drop down menu. 
  • If new to the site or product:  We recommend clicking the SEE ALL PHOTOS button below the main photo to view all the high quality images available for the product. When you see a photo you like, click SELECT THIS PHOTO. The photo then becomes the new main photo and its options and pricing are displayed in the Build it Your Way calculator. Selected options say (IN MAIN PHOTO) to identify the options shown in the photo. Choose the product as shown or change any option to fit your needs.
  • Before Adding to Cart, click the SEE MORE OPTIONS button above the ADD TO CART button to further fine tune your piece. If you have questions, the Help Me Choose link to the right of most options offers concise information to help you decide. If you don’t see a detail you’d like or want to clarify something, just enter it in the Comment Box with your order.
  • Specifications, Assembly Instructions, Drawings, Dimensions, Warranty, Shipping and other detailed information can be viewed in the tabs below the Build it your Way section. 

If you have questions, please email or call anytime. Thank you!