Outdoor Furniture

Copper Inset

If you'd like a copper inset in one or both of your drawers, we are glad to offer this optional add-on. It's not necessary for the integrity of the drawers the redwood will probably outlast the copper. But, it's a nice touch and we've had requests for this in the past, so we now offer it in Advanced Options.

Photo Shows: Eli's Potting Bench (Options: Old-Growth Redwood, Casters, 2 Shelves, Copper Inset for Right Drawer, No Engraving, Removable Lid on Right Side, Transparent Premium Sealant). Photo shows tabletop lid installed. The Insert is a popular option for a drawer that will hold soil regularly. The Lid allows you to easily access soil or push soil from the tabletop back into the drawer.

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