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Custom Detail or Design

Yes, we can Customize to fit your needs. Whether it is a standard product we build that you need fine tuning or a whole new product you need that is not on our site, the answer is almost always, yes, we can do this for you.

We are not a factory, we are a wood working shop. We build everything to exacting standards by hand. This allows us to modify any of our standard products and also to build new designs that you may need.

If you want to just change a size or a detail or two on one of our standard products, please just add a note in the Order Comment Box at checkout and we will get back to you when we review your order within 48 hours to confirm it will be done and to let you know if there will be a small charge for this or not.

For example, if you want one of our products to be built in-between two standard sizes, for example, you need a 9 ft long picnic table and we only offer an 8 and a 10 ft version, just choose the 10 ft size and in the comment box say you want it built 9 ft. No charge to do this as long as you chose the next largest size.

We can also build a design that you have a drawing for or have a basic idea of what you want. Just reach out by phone or email if you want to discuss your custom needs more. Email is [email protected] and toll-free phone is 866-332-2403.

We receive regular requests to custom size any of our standard pergolas, pavilions, gazebos and arbors. We also receive requests for custom pergolas and pavilion designs. We have built hundreds of custom sized and designed shade structures. To see some examples, please visit the links below:

Custom Wooden Pergola
Custom Wooden Fat Timber Pergola
Custom Wood Pavilion Kits
Custom Fat Timber Wood Pavilion Kits

All custom orders will have drawings prepared and emailed within 3 business days. We will need a 10% design deposit on custom jobs to cover all design and engineering work. But, the 10% deposit is part of the order total. The design process is ideal because the drawings are prepared to scale from 4 different angles so you can review all proportions and dimensions. This way you can go back and forth with our design team to make sure all details are just the way you want before giving us the green light to build.

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