Outdoor Furniture


The corners of the tables and benches can be made in 3 ways (Squared, Slightly Rounded or Rounded). The look is quite different and it takes only a few seconds to see what will work best for you (see drawings):
Squared: Leave the corners of your table and/or bench tops squared for a more modern look (technically, 3/16" radius, for structural soundness), or....
Slightly Rounded: The 1/2" radius rounding creates a softer look and it is the most popular otion), or...
Fully Rounded: was initially created for kid safety. It is a favorite for heavy use public places (1" radius).
Some rounding is a good idea for safety reasons (kids, elderly). The 1/2" radius rounding is a popular compromise between the two (see drawing). Just choose which option you would like during checkout.

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