If you'd like a cushion for your chairs, please indicate this in the Advanced Options section. Standard cushions come in forest green however you also have the option to visit Trivantage to choose from the hundreds of outdoor fabrics they have for your cushion.
Forest Green
Cushion Color
If you want a cushion in a color other than forest green, just select Custom color cushion and note the name and number you'd like in the comments box (visit Trivantage to choose from the hundreds of outdoor fabrics they have for your cushion). Most upholstery fabrics are under $30/yard and are included in the cushion price. If you prefer a premium fabric over $30/yard, the cost over $30/yard will be manually added to your order total after checkout and you will be notified of any additional charge.

It's machine washable. Each cushion has a zipper so you can remove the foam and wash the fabric easily.

Single sized loungers use 3 yards of fabric, the Honeymooner uses 4, and the Double uses 5. Lounger cushions are box construction with the fabric cut flush to the edge creating a line along the borders (no welt). The bottom side is made with a thick rubbery fabric to help keep the cushion from sliding. All lounger cushions come with straps to tie the cushion to the lounger. Your cushion can be made in three ways (same price):

  • With just one seam separating the backrest from the bed (2-section design) see first product photo above (not recommended for the curvaceous Penny Loungers).
  • Or for space saving, a second seam is added to the bed so the cushion folds compactly in 3 sections (recommended design for most of our Loungers).
  • Or, the most compact design is made with five sections (two for the backrests and three for the beds that folds up accordion style) see other photos above.

Each lounger cushion has a 2” thick “pillow” cushion at the top of the backrest(s). The pillow cushion can be flipped back when you don’t want to use it. The double lounger cushions all have independent separate backrest cushions to allow for independent backrest positions.